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Overcoming today’s long-term care challenges

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Investors are determined to age on their own terms

Findings of this quarter’s UBS Investor Watch reveal that long-term care is a major concern to investors. But despite the challenges of long-term care—longevity, complexity, costs—investors prefer to age with little assistance from their families.

  • Not wanting to burden their children, only a third of wealthy investors plan to rely on them, with the majority preferring outside care.
  • Children who provide care to aging parents see it as a significant undertaking. They are happy to help, but they confess to feeling stress and resentment as well.
  • Most investors want to stay in their own homes by relying on a spouse or health aide. Yet many investors have doubts about their ability to cover the cost of care.
  • Only 39% of investors have discussed their long-term care wishes with children, and fewer than a quarter have saved for long-term care expenses.

Long-term care. What’s your plan?

For the best outcomes, your long-term care planning needs should align with your overall wealth management plan. To get started, connect with your UBS Financial Advisor.

Investors’ greatest fear about aging

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