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Investors ready to act at first signs of progress

While approval ratings fall along party lines after the first 100 days, optimism is holding steady as investors anticipate key initiatives jumpstarting the economy.

  • 77% of Republicans approve of the job the new administration is doing, while only 24% of Democrats approve.
  • Even so, a majority of investors expect to invest more as soon as they see progress, with healthcare leading the way.
  • In fact, 38% worry about missing out on market gains if they remain on the sidelines.
  • 66% of investors expect strong returns this year. Among Democrats, confidence has jumped significantly.

Investors take their mark

Are you ready to act?

61% expect more stability from the administration; 40% expect lower personal income taxes; 48% expect more clarity on what the government will focus on for the rest of the year; 40% expect more spending on infrastructure

Charting optimism

We began tracking how the U.S. presidential election impacts investors in June 2016. Since then, optimism about the U.S. economy has risen by 50%. Check out previous reports to see the trajectory.

The revived investor

Why the new administration is boosting confidence