UBS Investor Sentiment

10 May 2022 7 min read

Key findings

Prices up | Investors expect
inflation to continue 

Cash | Investors foresee changes in
their portfolios 

Opportunities | Investors interested in investing in tech disruption


Global economic outlook up amongst Mexican investors ... (in %) 

Top source of optimism …

... and concern

Market outlook

Despite current market volatility, Mexican investors are planning to increase equity allocations

Potential threats to financial objectives

Cash and equivalents

Mexican investors remain hesitant to lower their cash allocations 

Geopolitical effect

Mexican investors are adjusting their portfolios due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Business owners    

About the survey

UBS surveyed 150 investors and 50 business owners in Mexico with at least $1M in investable assets (for investors) or at least $1M in annual revenue and at least one employee other than themselves (for business owners), from March 30 - April 14. For the 4Q21 results, UBS surveyed 150 investors and 50 businessowners in Mexico, from January 4 - January 21, 2022.