Notice of Privacy - Actual or Prospective Customers

Identity and Address

UBS ASESORES MÉXICO, S.A. DE C.V. (hereinafter, referred to as the "Responsible Party" and/or "UBS"), addressed at Avenida Pedregal No. 24 – Piso11, Colonia Molino del Rey, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico, 11040, in compliance with the provisions of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (Federal Data Protection Act) (the "Act"), hereby provide you with this Notice of Privacy (the "Notice of Privacy"), aimed at disclosing the terms and conditions applicable to the treatment of any personal data and/or financial personal data (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Personal Data", including, in particular, any data referred to herein below, provided that UBS collects no sensitive persona data from its actual or prospective customers, as defined in the Act) furnished by the holder thereof.

By referring to an "Actual or Prospective Customer", reference is being made to an individual that was, is, or may be, an actual or prospective customer, or that was, is, or may be, an individual to whom we may render diverse financial services. The relationship with an Actual or Prospective Customer is triggered by the documentation that provides for a customer relationship between UBS and the individual.

Personal Data Subject to Treatment

The Personal Data, either personal data or financial personal data, being collected and treated shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Given name and surname;
  • Home address, telephone number and other personal contact data;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Beneficiary’s data;
  • Citizen number (CURP) and federal taxpayer number (RFC);
  • Sex;
  • Title, post or office;
  • Bank account details, and assets invested therein;
  • E-signature, if any;
  • Credit history;
  • Own real estate properties;
  • Agreements/contracts;
  • Account statement;
  • Shareholding or partnership interest holding at the Mexican Stock Exchange, if any, and general information about fixed-income or floating rate Investments.

Such data required in accordance with anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws and regulations.
Additionally, those that, in the terms of the regulation in the matter of prevention of money laundering and financing to terrorism, are necessary.

The aforementioned Personal Data is collected from:

  • Information directly provided to us by you;
  • Information that we may obtain from companies that form part of the corporate group of the Actual or Prospective Customer; and
  • Information that we may obtain from third parties, such as service suppliers or vendors regarding backgrounds.

In addition, UBS may request you to provide original documentation and to provide a copy of it, as evidence to support the information you have provided.

Treatment’s Objective

UBS hereby informs you that the Personal Data shall be utilized in order to create a relationship with the Actual and/or Prospective Customer, for managing his/her investment portfolio, and therefore, such Personal Data shall be:

  • Assessed;
  • Analyzed;
  • Used;
  • Provide advice and information regarding the services UBS offer;
  • Disclosed;
  • Prevent and combat fraud or any other crime;
  • Enforce the contract signed with you; and
  • Comply with legal obligations and requirements of competent authorities

Access to Personal Data within UBS will be limited to those who have a need to know the information for the purposes described in this Notice of Privacy, and may include its managers and their representatives, personnel in the areas of Compliance, Legal, Finance and Accounting.

  • Business operations: Operation and management of IT and communication systems, product management and service development, product and service improvement, strategic planning, project management and maintenance of records related to the business activities.
  • Performance: Your Personal Data may be used for complying with legal provisions and internal policies of UBS, as well as to respond to any other governmental request through governmental authorities that exercise their powers and duties.

Personal Data Transfer

The Responsible party hereby informs you that, in order to perform its contractual, administrative, tax, civil and/or commercial obligations, the Responsible Party may transfer your Personal Data to third parties, provided that these third parties shall maintain any Personal Data supplied in confidentiality and abide by the terms and conditions of this Notice of Privacy. The Responsible Party may transfer the collected Personal Data to its domestic or foreign affiliates and subsidiaries that form part of UBS, which share internal processes and policies, for corporate management purposes.
Likewise, the Responsible Party may transfer their Personal Data to:

  • Subsidiaries or entities related to our parent company;
  • Government entities and regulatory bodies;
  • Third parties that provide review and verification services to the financial sector; and
  • To our lawyers, accountants and any other professionals who provide us with consulting services.

Means and Procedures for exercising Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Objection Rights

If you have any question or doubt in connection with the manner in which the Responsible Party processes the Personal Data, or if you desire to access, rectify, delete, cancel, copy, limit, cancel any use or suppress your Personal Data or require that the same may no longer be used by UBS in accordance with the Act, please contact Carmen Lozano González de León (the "Manager") by sending an email to the address, mentioning your name, address and purpose of your request, and a request to exercise your Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Objection rights (the "ARCO Rights") established in the Act.

Upon reception of such request, the Manager shall analyze the same in accordance with the Act, its Regulations and the internal privacy policies of UBS. The Manager shall respond to your request within a period of twenty business days from the reception thereof, provided that the response may be rendered in an affirmative or negative manner, duly grounded. It is important to bear in mind that certain Personal Data may not be subject to access, rectification, suppression, copy and deletion rights, as provided in data protection and otherwise laws and regulations.

Limitations on the use and disclosure of Personal Data

You may at any time revoke the consent granted to us for treating your Personal Data, and limit any use or disclosure thereof. In addition to the procedure established in the immediately preceding section, you may impose limitations on the use or disclosure of your Personal Data by sending an email to the Manager, containing a request to be registered in the "Advertising Exclusion List", in order not to receive promotional information about our products and services.

Personal Data Department

The Responsible Party shall take the necessary actions to protect any Personal Data compatible with laws and regulations governing Personal Data security and privacy matters, including security, management, technical and physical measures, including obligations on any third parties having a relationship upon the terms of this Notice of Privacy to implement the proper measures enabling the protection of confidentiality and security of Personal Data. You are hereby informed that the security measures are identical to the measures used by the Responsible Party to preserve its own data, and that all this data is confidential as a result of the nature of the services provided by the Responsible Party.
For any inquiries related to the protection of your Personal Data, please contact the Personal Data Manager at the telephone number that may be obtained at:

Any communication with the Manager shall have an acknowledgment of receipt via email at the email address held by us as part of your information; otherwise, the same shall be deemed as not given.

Procedures and means for changing the Notice of Privacy

Any change to this Notice of Privacy shall be disclosed and made available through the website: and/or the email address provided to us by you.


By making this Notice of Privacy available to you and failing to contest the same, you shall consent to the treatment of your Personal Data by UBS, whether the same has been, are and will be provided as a result of this Notice of Privacy, whether personally or through any third party, in accordance herewith, or through any other electronic, optic, sound, audio visual means or through any other technology or means available to the Responsible Party.
It shall not be necessary to obtain an express consent for treating the Personal Data if the handing is aimed at performing the obligations arising from a legal relationship between the Holder and the Responsible Party, or in respect of the events referred to in Article 10 of the Act. All of this without prejudice to the right of the Holder to exercise the ARCO Rights upon the terms of the Act and to exercise any right through the communication process established in this Notice.
By providing any third-party personal data, you further confirm that you have informed this Notice of Privacy to any such third party, and has obtained their consent to any handling of their personal data by UBS.