Seeing the big picture

Paula Polito shares insights on how women can own their worth at the 2018 Women in the World Summit

11 May 2018

You don't need to be an expert in finance to take control of your financial life, says Paula Polito, UBS Global Client Strategy Officer. Speaking at Tina Brown’s 2018 Women in the World Summit in New York City, Polito shared common questions she hears from women seeking to get a better view of their financial picture—from ways to meet your day-to-day spending needs, to how give to charity or save for retirement and long-term care.

"It's a much bigger picture than just the market," Polito says. "And that's what's critical because that's what women have [to do] to empower themselves—to see the big picture."

Financial wherewithal

Polito cites two trends affecting women: First, they're living longer. Second, divorce rates are on the rise. "These two trends are affecting eight out of 10 women, [who] will wind up being alone and ... needing financial wherewithal to help themselves," she says.*

Creating a community

In this video, Polito shares UBS research findings that nearly 60% of widows and divorcees regrettably wish they had been more involved in long-term financial decisions while they were married, and that a full 98% of them urge other women to become more involved early on.* "They need to hear," Polito says. "We need to create a community."

Breaking the cycle

Polito reveals that millennial women are leaving important financial decisions to their partner more than any other generation,* a finding she says is shocking. "It is a phenomenon, it is happening, and I think that we have to break the cycle," she says. "Women have to realize that they have to do it themselves."

Liquidity, longevity, legacy

Polito discusses a simple way women can help organize their financial lives, for today, tomorrow and future generations. "My framework is around liquidity, longevity and legacy," she says. Find out more about the framework in this video.

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* Own your worth—How women can break the cycle of abdication and take control of their wealth, 2018.