Podcast: Defending against cyber attacks

Security tips from an ex-Israeli military cyber officer

23 Oct 2017

Today’s sophisticated encryption methods make it almost impossible for hackers to infiltrate a computer network by cracking a security code. Instead, most cyber criminals rely on human deception.

"It’s easier for them to manipulate human beings into doing something they want," said Paz Grimberg, a Quantitative Analyst and Software Developer for Water Island Capital and a former member of the Israel Defense Forces elite cyber unit. "The weakest link is the human factor."

Grimberg spoke with Anthony Pastore, Head of UBS Wealth Management Americas On-Air, about the history of encoding and cyber attacks—from the encryption methods of the ancient Greeks to today’s cyber security protocols—as well as how "social engineering" can lead to major security issues.

Tune in to hear simple tips and steps to take to become more vigilant and defend yourself against an attack. 

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