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MIND THE TECH TLV's special online edition (December 2020) covered trends and interesting developments resulting from the new normal including: Cloud and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, changes in the work environment and the next leg of innovation. The conference included a series of discussions about entrepreneurship, technology innovation and investment opportunities with top Israeli and global executives.

Meet the UBS speakers and discover their topics

Mark Haefele

Mark Haefele is the Chief Investment Officer of UBS Global Wealth Management and the Chair of the UBS Global Investment Committee. In this capacity, Mark oversees the investment policy and strategy for approximately USD 2 trillion in invested assets. Mark joined UBS as Head of Investment, CIO Wealth Management when the CIO office was founded in 2011.

Mark Haefele

Covid-19 vaccine developments and their impact on the markets

We expect the wide-scale rollout of a vaccine in the first half of 2021 to enable global output and corporate earnings to return to pre-pandemic highs by the end of the year. The post-crisis world will be more indebted, more unequal, and more local—but also more digital, and more sustainable.

Mark Andersen

Mark is Head of the Global Asset Allocation team at the UBS Chief Investment Office. As part of his role, Mark oversees the Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation, Thematic investments, Investment Risk, Quantitative analytics, Derivatives, Alternatives, and with a global span including APAC and US. In addition, Mark is a member of the UBS Global Investment Committee and has taken part of it since 2006.

The Next Big Thing

We think the next decade will provide a boom for companies using technology to disrupt other sectors. We expect “The Next Big Thing” to materialize within the greentech, fintech, or healthtech spaces, or to be enabled and accelerated by the global rollout of 5G technology.

Mark Anderson

The Decade of Transformation

The 5G era is upon us

European Greentech Leaders

Annika Schröder

Annika Schröder works at UBS since July 2015 and in her current role heads the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence in Group Technology.
This function centrally offers AI expert expertise, innovation support, and coordination to benefit UBS on group level. Since 2016, Annika has been responsible for innovation activities in Artificial Intelligence and represents UBS regularly at industry events on this key technology, but also on topics like Fintech and digitalization.

Annika Schroder

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in financial services

Artificial Intelligence is, alongside with Blockchain, one of the most relevant technology themes that affect banks' business models over the next years. Besides supporting AI related innovation and experimentation, we also develop AI governance to help ensure that the machine learning systems, applications and models used at UBS adhere to adequate standards of ethics and fairness to produce reliable outcomes.

Gerry Livnat and Prof. Moshe Bar, Neuroscience Researcher, Founder & Chairman, MINDSET

Gerry Livnat is CEO UBS Wealth Management Israel. As part of his role, Gerry heads the local office for UBS, with a focus on acquisition of high-net worth and ultra-high-net worth clients. Before assuming his current role, Gerry served as Deputy CEO Wealth Management at UBS Israel and headed both the High-Net Worth and Affluent desks.

Prof. Moshe Bar is one of the world’s foremost neuroscience researchers, focusing on cognitive fields such as memory, identification and prediction. He serves as Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and is Head of the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar Ilan University. Prof. Bar serves as a consultant to global entities and companies on formulating attitudes and shaping behavior.

Psychology, Technology and Investment Strategies

Behavioral biases in investments – What do we know about them and what could we do better? Our 3L (Liquidity, Longevity, Legacy) framework helps our clients develop a personalized investment approach by segmenting their wealth into a structured strategy.

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