UBS Year Ahead 2021

Find out our outlook on markets for 2021 and the decade ahead.

Welcome to the Year Ahead 2021

In a “Year of Renewal” we will see a world that is steadily returning to normal, despite continued uncertainty, while also rapidly accelerating into a transformed future.

As the economy accelerates into the future, investors with an eye on the long term will need to pay attention to the disruptors making our world more digital and sustainable.

The Decade of Transformation

What you need to know about the Decade Ahead

The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many of the trends already in evidence when we entered this Decade of Transformation. We think the post-crisis world will be more indebted, more unequal, and more local—but also more digital, and more sustainable.

Ideas for the future

Decade Ahead

The Next Big Thing

We think the next decade will reward investing in the companies using technology to disrupt other sectors. We expect “The Next Big Thing” to materialize within the fintech, healthtech, or greentech spaces, or to be enabled and accelerated by the global rollout of 5G technology.

Decade Ahead

Sustainable investing is our preferred solution

Sustainable investing considers all relevant social and environmental factors in order to better mitigate risks and identify opportunities. Increased government, business, and consumer emphasis on sustainability, combined with a growing investable opportunity set, means sustainable investing is now our preferred approach for investing globally.

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The Calcalist MIND THE TECH TLV Conference offered a footprint into Israel's tech eco-system. In 2020 UBS was the lead sponsor together with Microsoft. Get a glimpse of some conference highlights, discover the topics and find out more about our UBS speakers.

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