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Tomorrow's technologies are more than awe-inspiring. They're tools that can help you make life easier, make more money and make more time for having fun. But how can you explore these innovations – and discover what's right for you? Simple. By connecting with UBS Tech Connect in Hong Kong.

UBS Tech Connect organizes workshops and events and gives you direct access to start-ups, academics and industry experts within the technology space.

What’s on our minds…

Why tech has taken on such importance

Amy Lo

Co-Head UBS Wealth Management APAC, Head and Chief Executive UBS Hong Kong Branch, Group Managing Director

Innovation is inevitable and it is the only way forward, even for a bank like UBS with over 150 years of wealth management experience.

Melanie Hofmann

Head of Tech Connect APAC,
Global Wealth Management

We are sailing into a bright future by harnessing, through knowledge and understanding, technology’s “gale of creative destruction”.

Sundeep Gantori

Equity Analyst, 
UBS Global Wealth Management

Trends like e-commerce, fintech, and automation have started to dislocate incumbent players across major markets.

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