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Tomorrow's technologies are more than awe-inspiring. They're tools that can help you make life easier, make more money and make more time for having fun. But how can you explore these innovations – and discover what's right for you? Simple. By connecting with UBS Tech Connect in Hong Kong.

UBS Tech Connect organizes workshops and events and gives you direct access to start-ups, academics and industry experts within the technology space.

What’s on our minds…

Why tech has taken on such importance

Amy Lo

Co-Head UBS Wealth Management APAC, Head and Chief Executive UBS Hong Kong Branch, Group Managing Director

Innovation is inevitable and it is the only way forward, even for a bank like UBS with over 150 years of wealth management experience.

Melanie Hofmann

Head of Tech Connect APAC,
Global Wealth Management

We are sailing into a bright future by harnessing, through knowledge and understanding, technology’s “gale of creative destruction”.

Sundeep Gantori

Equity Analyst, 
UBS Global Wealth Management

Trends like e-commerce, fintech, and automation have started to dislocate incumbent players across major markets.

UBS's digital capabilities

The Digital Hub

Showcasing UBS's digital capabilities, the latest technologies and their practical uses.

Drive value

Our collaborations

Teaming up with leading tech players in the start-up world.

Today's innovations


Explore today's innovations from technology experts, companies and thought-leaders.

Get your clients direct exposure to the start-up ecosystem through activities, such as industry roundtables, start-up speed-dating, workshops and more – to find out the latest technology innovation that can help them drive value for their business, investments or personal life.

UBS Disruptive Technology CEO Summit, hosted annually, brings together speakers from across different industries to share their experiences as proven market disruptors and to challenge our perspectives on the cycle of technology and change.

  • Events focused on use cases in client's own industry
  • Relevant start-ups
  • Academics
  • Experts
  • Boutique roundtables
  • Start-up showcase e.g.:
    • Manufacturing
    • Consumer Retail
    • Property Tech
  • Events focused on technologies in various industries e.g.:
    • Robotics
    • A.I. (artificial intelligence)
    • Big Data
  • Relevant start-ups
  • Academics
  • Experts
  • Clients and Startups
  • Timed rotation
  • Specific Themes i.e.:
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Healthcare
    • Big Data
  • Academics
  • Targeted industries e.g.:
    • Property
  • Potential research opportunities
  • Potential exploration and joint publishing


Watch how technology is shaping our lives professionally and personally.

Insights from industry experts

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