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More and more young companies are changing the way we view technology and how it impacts us all. Take a look at some of the innovations these startups are creating to help businesses across the world.


Staying resilient in the new tech world

This event, in collaboration with AngelHub, will bring you 3 tech startups from the HealthTech, ArtTech and FoodTech industry.

They will be sharing their story of what it takes to stay resilient in times of uncertainty, adapting to the accelerated digital transformation and how their industry has transformed because of it.

Our panelists will also touch upon the tech trends they are seeing within their industry, the investment landscape and much more.


Speaker - FoodTech

Carrie Chan

CEO & Co-Founder, Avant Meats

Carrie is a seasoned business executive with a passion for the environment, particularly the impact of our food supply on the planet. Her expertise is in general management and project delivery. She managed major real estate developments from ground zero to full operation.

Carrie co-founded Avant Meats with Dr Mario Chin in late 2018. Avant Meats is a leading cellular agriculture biotechnology company with patent-pending solutions that enable businesses to produce animal meat and protein without raising or catching and slaughtering the animal. The Company’s pilot products are fish meat and marine proteins. Thanks to our technology, we customise the nutritional profile of our cultivated fish while keeping them free from heavy metals, microplastics, radioactive contaminants, parasites, and antibiotics. Avant is heaquartered in Hong Kong Science Park. Having achieved the major milestones of prototype and cost reduction, Avant is set to reach pilot scale in 2021.

Speaker - HealthTech

Gary Blowers

CEO, Switch & Co

Gary Blowers is the Co-Founder and CEO at Switch & Co, the wellness benefits platform for organizations’ employees and customers. Beginning his career in investment banking on Wall Street, Gary spent the next ten years running a brand consultancy, working with organizations to develop their brand’s purpose, drive brand awareness and build brand equity. In 2017, Gary pursued his lifelong passion for fitness and wellbeing by launching Switch & Co - where the vision is to support 10m people to prioritize their wellbeing by 2025.

Speaker - ArtTech

Timothy Shin

President & Co-Founder,

Timothy Shin is a co-founder and president of TESSA. Timothy is a corporate attorney and entrepreneur who has pursued a broad and diverse 16-year career in connecting, structuring and negotiating complex transactions as a legal professional, private equity portfolio manager and investment banker. Timothy is a veteran cross-border specialist with a unique global network of strategic access and relationships.

Speaker - VC

Karen Contet

CEO, AngelHub

Karen Contet Farzam, CEO of AngelHub and Chief Hustler of WHub, is passionate
about helping startups succeed. She successfully co-founded WHub and AngelHub with her forever partner and associate Karena Belin. Together they are on a mission to empower startups to drive wealth and economic growth.

Immersed in the startup scene, she is also a French Foreign Trade Advisor, Community Leader for Techstars, Accelerator Programs Mentor, and International Conference Speaker.

Karen is also the founding board member of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, a non-profit, membership-based organization representing over 1,500 members from established banking institutions to FinTech disruptors. It is organized through 14 committees, where Karen is the board sponsor for the Policy and Advocacy Committee.

In addition, Karen holds a double diploma in engineering from the EPF (France) and ETS (Canada)Universities, and graduated from the Master in International Finance at HEC Paris. She has been working in Asia for 13 years, starting in Tokyo as JP Morgan Exotic Equity Derivatives Trader. Then, she pursued her development in the tech ecosystem as a Software Engineer for an IoT Startup and teaching Front-End Web Development.



Karena Belin

CEO of WHub and COO/CFO of AngelHub

Karena Belin, CEO of WHub and COO/CFO of AngelHub, is passionate about helping startups succeed. She successfully co-founded WHub and AngelHub with her forever partner and associate Karen Contet Farzam. Together they are on a mission to empower startups to drive wealth and economic growth.

Since 2013, she has been passionate about entrepreneurship and a leader in the startup scene. She acts currently as speaker, mentor and judge at events and organisations such as the APK (Asia Pacific Conference of the German Industry), Chicago Booth GNVC, Google EYE, RISE Conference and Web Summit, Jeju Peace and Prosperity Conference, FinTech Valley Vizag India, Techsauce Thailand, Tech Open Air Berlin, IFLR, Nexchange, Techstar’s StartupWeekendHK, global YPO YNG+ and more.

Karena is also a member of the Global FinTech Core Group at the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Ex-Com member of The Indus Entrepreneurs Network (TiE) HK, member of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK), President of the board of the parent organisation (PFO) at Hong Kong International School, as well as driving diversity and inclusion as board member of WOW at the American Women’s Association.

In addition, Karena holds a double diploma in business and administration from the University of Mannheim and the MBA business school ESSEC in Paris. She has worked 15 years for Procter & Gamble in various roles including Finance, Sales and Strategy across Europe, North East Asia and Greater China before co-founding WHub & AngelHub. She has extensive background in business and financial planning, business acquisition and integration.

Insights from industry experts


CEO Mark Szeto


Ecgocare is an app enabling users to teleconsult with Chinese medicines doctors. Users can book an appointment for teleconsultation or in-person consultation.

The platform offers doctor's profiles along with doctor ratings and reviews. The app can be used to store, manage and share the medical records with doctors. The prescriptions are sent to the pharmacies and the medicines are delivered to the user.

Chairman & CEO Ricky Chiu

PHASE Scientific

PHASE Scientific is a high-growth biotech company founded by bioengineers from UCLA. We build tools that empower people by giving them better information about their health.

Now headquartered in Hong Kong, our global footprint includes R&D and manufacturing facilities in Southern California and offices in Mainland China.

Founder Ada Yu


OK CARE defines a new lifestyle through our brand new healthcare platform. We wish to extend medical and rehabilitation beyond traditional medical institutions, providing the best healthcare service to our clients.

OK CARE aims to create quality time for our clients and their family members by taking the burden off regular visits to medical institutions and perform minor operations and procedures themselves. At the same time, OK CARE is creating a whole new working and income opportunity for healthcare professionals in the market.

Co-Founder & Executive Director Kow Ping


Well Being Digital (WBD101) is a Hong Kong based company that aims to enable affordable & accurate underlying technologies for mHealth/wearable devices.

The accuracy of the underlying technology depends on the software algorithm that WBD101 can provide as much as the reference hardware designs and off the shelf sensors, and the Human Body IoT (Internet of Things) vision of big data analytics will depend on highly accurate information that WBD101 software algorithm calculates, otherwise it would be a case of rubbish-in-rubbish-out.

They have successfully implemented their algorithms onto Infra-red sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope, they target to help brand owners add value to their wearables/hearables/sensorhubs.

With more than 21 patents filed/granted, they are in development of other software algorithms using other sensors.

CEO Ivan Ng


FindDoc is an app offers the most comprehensive & updated information on Doctors & Dentists.

FinTech / InsurTech

CEO & Founder Tomas Holub


CoverGo is an award-winning insurance technology company providing enterprise software solutions to insurers, banks and brokers in Asia and beyond.

CoverGo is the first fully configurable, whitelabel, modular, no-code insurance platform for omni-channel distribution, policy admin and claims.

It is an end-to-end solution including dynamic pricing and underwriting engine, core admin system, insurance roboadvisor, analytics and whitelabel frontend for all lines of insurance.

CoverGo’s platform is powered by hundreds of open insurance APIs to increase connectivity and automate all insurance processes. We offer the most comprehensive set of insurance APIs in the market. Insurance companies can integrate with distribution partners, create a robust insurance ecosystem and distribute the right products at the right time.

We are the market leader in insurtech and fintech as recognized by a number of awards including:

  • HKICT Fintech Grand Award & HKICT Gold Award in Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets 2019 The official HK government fintech award. CoverGo was recognized as the best fintech solution in the market across all categories. We are the only tech company that has ever won this Grand & Gold Award.
  • Grand Prize at the Financial Innovation Business Conference (FIBC) 2019 FIBC is the longest established FinTech Conference in Japan. CoverGo was recognized as a fintech and insurtech market leader in the region.
  • International Finance Technology Award – The Most Innovative Insurance Technology Service Provider 2019 International Finance Awards recognize technology and industry leadership and capability on an international scale.
  • FinTech Award 2018 & 2019 for the Best B2B Insurance Integration Solution FinTech Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the use of IT in financial services in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area.

CoverGo is also supported by:

  • Monetary Authority of Singapore Global Fintech Hackcelerator
  • Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab APAC
  • Cyberport HK Government Incubation Programme
  • Mizuho Crowd Brain Accelerator
  • DBS Bank Startup Xchange
  • Global Accelerator Malaysia
  • AppWorks Accelerator Taiwan
  • Microsoft for Startups
  • Create@Alibaba

CEO & Founder Calvin Cheng


Torrents of terabytes produced every day by web searches, social media, e-commerce and satellites can be turned into insight for investment professionals.

Research analysts spend on average 6 hours a day searching online for relevant information - why not automate this process?

Wizpresso is a technology company that specializes in organizing alternative data for financial professionals using cutting-edge NLP technology. Our search and analytics platform helps researchers find relevant insights from terabytes of unstructured data in seconds.

Co-Founder Pierre Trecourt


PremiaLab’s platform provides the essential statistics, graphical analysis, and visualization tools to objectively asses the numerous risk premia strategies deployed in the market.

Co-Founder & COO Victor Lang


In 2018, gini officially launched their personal financial management (PFM) app with the mission of making it easy for anyone to be great at managing their finances.

gini automatically syncs 3,000 banks in 60 countries, and to empower close to a hundred thousand users around the world to have a stress-free financial life.

With this unique experience, gini has extended their footprint to B2B sector by helping financial institutions understand their customers better, using data. Banks, lenders and other FIs are using gini’s data enrichment technology to provide engaging experiences to their customers - increasing loyalty and sales. The cutting edge data-driven solutions help banks and businesses better understand unstructured big data, gain greater insight into customers’ lives and deliver a personalised digital banking experience.

Co-Founders Justin Chiu, Hardy Liu, Cheney Cheng


APOIDEA Group is a technology company which focuses on identifying and presenting valuable business information supported by artificial intelligence.

At Apoidea, they believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead financial content towards a new stage. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of their sales representatives or request a demo.

Founder & Chairperson Samuel C.H. Wan


StockViva is a leading financial social platform with instant trading ideas from fund managers, analysts and top traders. StockViva is currently managed by a team from UBS, KPMG, JP Morgan, Tencent, 9gag, HK01 and Talkbox.

Head of Sales & Marketing Kenneth Shih 


Aqumon is a algorithm-driven, technology-based investment platform.


CEO Dennis Shi 


MOJODOMO is a loyalty management platform, which offer a redemption-based payment model to clients. When combined with our unique data analytics, we provide a powerful, fully automated solution for brands to better connect with and reward their global customer base through the issuance of customized, redeemable vouchers with QR codes.

Our strategic partnership with global financial institution further helps realize our strategy to build momentum across B2B industry segments in driving game-changing innovation. 

Sustainability Tech

Project Lead May Lit

ESG Matters

Working closely with financial institutions and green project owners, ESG Matters aims to address the global market by making efficient every essential step to achieve the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and building resilience to climate change.

A Cyberport-supported company, ESG Matters develops and supplies data analytics and intelligent sensing technologies for cost-effective, risk-managed, energy-saving and carbon-efficient business management. Our flagship data system, ESG Dashboard, makes easy data collection and conversion, emissions calculation, and carbon pricing and audit.

Retail Tech

CEO & Founder AJ Mak

Chain of Demand

Chain of Demand uses AI and big data to track and predict sales demand for fashion brands.

Their intuitive and beautiful dashboard highlights winning products and drives purchase optimization to reduce inventory risk, positively impacts markdowns and increases overall cash flow.

Gaming Tech

CEO Tony Zander

Area 28

Area 28 is a game technology company that develops a collaborative Google-Docs-like platform for game developers. The platform enables developers to design, develop and distribute entertainment more effectively in today's global, multi-platform environment.

Area28's Content Development Suite (CDS) is the first and only cloud-based game engine that combines service-oriented architecture with a high performance runtime engine. GDS sets itself apart by enabling real-time collaborative development for game developers working on the same project.

Chief Investment Office

Tech market insights

Genetic therapies

Genetic therapies use genes and cells to treat serious diseases. Replacing defective DNA can remove the cause of an illness and restore health.


An aging population is putting more pressure on healthcare budgets, spurring healthcare providers to explore adopting new technologies.

Medical devices

An aging population and growth of the over 65 year age group will create more opportunities for companies selling medical devices.


Advances in cancer therapeutics will create new multi-billion dollar opportunities for successful drugs.

Emerging market healthcare

An aging EM population will require public healthcare investment in EM to grow sharply to prevent an impending healthcare crisis.

Digital disruptions

Investing in digital transformation

Disruption is everywhere. Digital data. Automation and Robotics. Smart mobility. In the investing landscape, the changing face of industries and companies should not be overlooked. Technology, resource constraints and social pressures are all potentially disruptive forces for investors. What’s next, and which trends should investors watch closely?

The potential is enormous but not all technologies will succeed and some will co-exist. Therefore, investors need several layers of exposure across various technologies and regions.

Hartmut Issel, Head of Equity APAC,

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