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Ever read a financial article, report or statement and felt like it was written in secret code? You’re not alone.

We've created a series of videos and a comprehensive workbook to help you navigate the world of finance so you can manage your assets knowledgeably and confidently.

So what is financial confidence?

We asked hundreds of people what they thought it takes to feel financially confident. We discovered it’s not really about knowing all the technical stuff, like the finer details of markets, assets and trading. That’s ‘financial literacy’, not financial confidence. 

The feel-good factor of financial confidence comes from knowing ‘enough’ – enough about your financial situation and goals; enough about the experts and professional advisors to approach; and enough to know which questions to ask them.

We've created a simple way to measure your financial confidence,  identify your strengths, and show what actions you can take right now to achieve your goals.


Start with a quick look at your personal map. What are your goals? And which routes might get you there safely?


The best explorers know how to use their compass effectively. Do you know how to make your money work best for you?


We all need advice and guidance at times. Who can you trust to give you direction with your finances? We all need advice and guidance at times. Who can you trust to give you direction with your finances?

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Life is a journey

Are you prepared?

Career breaks. Part-time work. Early retirement. Or Starting your own business.

Our online tool shows you where you are on your financial journey and what next steps you can take.

Be prepared for the great adventure that is your life. Take our quick self-assessment to find out more.

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Join Emma, Anna-Sophie, Marianna and Caroline as they discuss the basics of financial confidence.

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