Strategic Advisory Practical and proven expertise for your organization.

One advantage of working with UBS’s experts is that they have been there and done it. With our strategic advisory service you gain insight and advice from the same experienced professionals who are building UBS’s success.

Our offering is built on three interrelated areas:

  • Corporate management, including: organization, structure, footprint, capital, funding, liquidity, risk, investments, margins, returns, regulations, compliance and people.
  • Client solutions, including: client management, products and services, performance, pricing, distribution channels, innovation, contents, time-to-market
  • Cost and efficiency, including: infrastructure, IT, operations, control, processes, market interfaces, procurement, network

Working with "UBS. The Bank for Banks." means you get access to our vast industry capabilities. As experienced bankers, you can benefit from our intimate knowledge of the industry. As a global bank, present in all major markets, you can take advantage of our wide range of expertise and our time-tested products and infrastructure.

These are the same products and infrastructure that we provide for our own clients. Through “UBS. The Bank for Banks.”, we can adapt them to your needs, objectives and technical requirements. We can also provide our capabilities in modular form, meaning you only purchase those products and services you really need.