The Bank for Banks A partnership for your business

We face the same challenges you do. With “UBS. The Bank for Banks”, you can take advantage of our solutions.

No one needs to tell you that these are times of great change in the financial industry. Today, you are forced to do business in an environment of lower financial leverage, more extensive regulation and higher capital requirements. At the same time, your clients have become more demanding. They want better service, increased transparency and more comprehensive advice. They increasingly judge their providers by their ability to provide sustainable performance and robust risk management. This puts increasing pressure on you to find innovative products and solutions while keeping a sharper eye on cost and efficiency.

On the other hand, as after any period of great change, new opportunities are also being created. To exploit them, all of us in the industry will have to learn to do things in different, innovative ways. With this in mind, banks around the world have begun to review their position in the market. They are redefining their objectives, adjusting their business models and designing new strategies to remain competitive. When it comes to implementing these strategies, many banks are turning to outside help - for example to providers like UBS.

The bank for your bank

Under the brand name “UBS. The Bank for Banks.”, we bundle our vast industry capabilities and make them available to you, so you can optimize your corporate management, your offering and your cost base. We use a “single point of contact” approach designed to make working with us easy and straightforward. And we are present around the world , in all the markets and regions where you are.

By using “UBS. The Bank for Banks.”, you can transform some of your fixed in-house costs into variable cost and pay only for services and volumes you need. This makes UBS a potentially powerful resource for you in the struggle to remain competitive in the current industry environment.