Knowledge Transfer Program

Introducing our new training program

The world that will emerge from COVID-19 will be very different. Some old challenges will remain the same and new ones are already emerging. But there will also be opportunities. We believe that Central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other state-controlled investment vehicles should focus on how to best deal with these challenges and how to grasp the opportunities.

In addition to our best-in-class offering of events, conference and ad-hoc advisory, UBS AM Global Sovereign Markets – Strategy & Advice is pleased to present a dedicated knowledge transfer program.

We will be offering a series of modules including those listed below. Please do check back as we will add details of more dedicated modules.

Fixed Income Overview

60 minutes

  • Fixed Income Market Outlook
  • How to increase nominal returns in a low yield world
  • When will inflation return and how to prepare for it

Fixed Income Strategies & Solutions

75 minutes

  • Short duration flexibility
  • Yield enhancement with spread products (IG Corp, HY)
  • EMD strategies (including RMB & China)
  • Liquidity Solutions

Asset allocation fundamentals

60 minutes

  • What is asset allocation?
  • Key metrics, terms and parameters for sovereign asset allocation
  • Basics of investment styles, indices and benchmarking for different asset classes
  • Basics of performance measurement: Alpha, Beta and how to measure value-added

Capital Market Expectations, Portfolio optimization and risk management

60 minutes

  • Building capital market expectations
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Risk management

Integrating Alternatives and ESG into asset allocation frameworks

60 minutes

Key strategies

  • Integrating Alternatives in a multi-asset portfolio
  • The basics of ESG integration

Multi-asset portfolio management

  • Basics of multi-asset portfolio management
  • Tactical and systematic strategies
  • Advisory case study

Sample Portfolios, Capital Market Expectations and Advisory Services to Sovereign

60 minutes

Multi-asset portfolio management

  • Multi-Asset portfolio management
  • Advisory case study