Global Sovereign Markets

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Our Solutions for sovereign clients include:

  • Advisory services
  • Asset management
  • Asset/Liability matching
  • Risk management
  • Manager selection
  • Knowledge partnership
  • Training and development
  • Research

Meet our Head of Strategy for Global Sovereign Markets

Massimiliano Castelli - Head of Strategy for Global Sovereign Markets

As Head of Strategy in the team serving sovereign institutions globally, Massimiliano analyses the market trends affecting the investment behaviour of central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other state-controlled investment institutions and works closely with the investment teams in providing investment advice and developing tailored investment solutions for clients and prospects.

Max established himself as a global thought leader on the macroeconomic, financial and political trends in sovereign wealth management and he has often been called in by leading institutions as an expert on global economic and financial matters.

Max holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Rome where he lectured and a Msc in Economics from the University of London. He is a Fellow at the Sovereign Investment Laboratory at Bocconi University, Milan and a Member of Executive Committee, Asset Management Investment Council, International Capital Market Association.