Global Sovereign Markets

29th Reserve Management Seminar

Following a turbulent 2022, this year’s Reserve Management Seminar focused on a number of key issues including the likelihood of a softish landing, the possible catalysts for a global liquidity crisis, and the evolution of the ESG landscape.

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Our Solutions for sovereign clients include:

  • Advisory services
  • Asset management
  • Asset/Liability matching
  • Risk management
  • Manager selection
  • Knowledge partnership
  • Training and development
  • Research

Latest insights

Knowledge Transfer Program

The post-Covid-19, inflationary world continues to be full of new challenges, but also opportunities, for sovereign investors. We believe that central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other state-controlled investment vehicles should focus on how to best deal with these challenges and how to grasp the opportunities.

In this volatile investment environment, the need for tailored advice and knowledge transfer remains high, so we are continuing to offer this topical series of modules in 2022 to support our wider educational conference program.

Meet our Head of Strategy for Global Sovereign Markets

Massimiliano Castelli

As Head of Global Strategy he analyzes the market trends affecting the investment behavior of central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other state-controlled investment institutions and work closely with the investment teams in providing investment advice and developing tailored investment solutions for this client segment

Max established himself as a global thought leader on the macroeconomic, financial and political trends in sovereign wealth management. He has often been called in by leading institutions as an expert on global economic and financial matters. Max has recently published The New Economics of Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Wiley Finance Series, a book providing a thorough guide to sovereign wealth funds, covering the drivers of the industry, how it operates and grows, the interest from and in Western markets and the pivotal role that sovereign wealth funds play in the world economy.

In his sixteen year long international professional career, Max has been Head of governmental affairs for UBS in Europe, Middle East and Africa, EMEA Senior Economist and consultant advising governments and corporates in emerging markets on behalf of international institutions Max holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Rome where he lectured and a Msc in Economics from the University of London. He is a member of the Executive Committed of the Asset Management Investment Council (ICMA) and a Fellow at the Centre for International Markets, Money and Regulations at Bocconi University.