Sustainability at Wolfsberg

Our daily responsibility

For Wolfsberg, the sustainable and mindful use of resources forms the basis of our daily activities.

We meet our ecological responsibility through the technology we use in our buildings, as well as the way we run our operations and act as a team. Get an overview of a selection of our conditions and measures for ecological sustainability.

A seminar building with Minergie-P-Eco certification

The seminar and conference center is all about ecological sustainability:
Minergie-P-Eco certification, photovoltaic systems and geothermal probes protect the environment and help us meet our ecological responsibilities.

Ventilation system

Our sustainable ventilation system with heat exchanger ensures a building air quality of around 500 ppm – comparable to Swiss mountain air.

Geothermal probes

The thermal energy for our hot water is sourced renewably and comes from 30 geothermal probes in around 300 meters below ground.

Air conditioning

No energy-intensive air conditioning is required for room cooling - here, too, we use the power of the earth.

Behind the scenes

Learn more about our building and UBS's commitment to sustainability: Book our Sustainability Tour and take a look behind the "green" scenes.

A seasonal and regional gastronomy

Wolfsberg - UBS Center for Education and Dialogue is located in the middle of the idyllic Thurgau region and surrounded by farmland. What could be more natural than sourcing our food and products directly from the neighboring farms?

We mainly use regional and seasonal products. This way, we support farms and producers from our region, and avoid food having to be flown in or coming from fossil-fuel heated greenhouses.

For example, around 90% of our vegetables, fruit, meat, honey and many other products are locally sourced.

Fighting food waste with Artificial Intelligence

In Switzerland, around 2.8 million tons1 of food are discarded unnecessarily every year. Together with the Swiss start-up KITRO, we are tackling this problem and reducing our food waste. Our non-avoidable biogenic waste is processed into environmentally friendly energy in a biogas plant.

Using artificial intelligence software, our production waste and returned plates are quantified, weighed and classified. In this way, a digital analysis shows us potential for optimization on a daily basis. 

As a result, we were already able to avoid around 40% food waste last year.

Thank you, KITRO!

1According to a study by ETH Zurich by Beretta and Hellweg (2019)

Our certifications

Nature touches us when we leave it untouched. Switzerland as a travel destination stands for spectacular mountains, wild gorges, mystical forests; our nature has the power to give energy. We want to preserve this – for many generations to come.

Wolfsberg - UBS Center for Education and Dialogue holds the ibex fairstay silver and Swisstainable certifications for sustainable lodging establishments.

This way, we contribute to the implementation of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Federal Council's Sustainable Development Strategy 2030, and UBS Switzerland's climate strategy.

Sustainability at UBS in Switzerland

Want to learn more about what UBS Switzerland offers in terms of sustainability today?

On this page you can find our own efforts, our wide range of climate-friendly and sustainable product offering as well as our global ambition.

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Conference center

Whether conferences for up to 140 people, seminars for off-sites or small scale management meetings: State-of-the-art seminar rooms offer the perfect setting for productive networking and dialogue.


Modern and minimalist or historic and exceptional: Wolfsberg offers 122 spacious and comfortable rooms at four-star level as well as five exclusive suites in the historic castle, which dates back to the 16th century.


In addition to a perfect setting for seminars and conferences, Wolfsberg offers relaxing and sportive moments in the wellness and fitness area as well as cultural activities in the Lake Constance region, all tailored to your wishes.