Björn Wäspe
CEO Wolfsberg

‘’ I am passionate when I can actively structure today and tomorrow’s world along with my environment. 
Bringing people together, inspiring them and being part of constant progress enthuses and motivates me. ‘’

Urs Bircher
Head Hotel Services

‘’ It is fulfilling for me to enthuse guests, inspire employees, and to be a reliable and expert partner for people who work with me. The success of our team makes me proud, and I feel energized in my family. Sustainable behavior begins with me. ‘’

Svenia Bürgler
Resident Manager

‘’ I put a lot of passion into my work. Healthy reflection on my daily activities enables me to have constant personal growth. Helping employees and advancing the digitization of our industry with them makes me proud and motivates me. ‘’

Hotel Services

Urs Bircher

Head Hotel Services

Svenia Bürgler

Resident Manager

Friederike Nowotnick

Business Manager

Nicole Kappeler

Accounting & Human Resources

Front Office

Max Weber

Rooms Division Manager

Sarina Moser

Meeting & Event Sales Manager

Facility management

Patrick Furlato

Logistics Manager

Conference Support | IT

Tobias Ebneter

Technical Support

Alexander Macke

Technical Support

Christine Pfeiffer


Frank Schreiber



Marianne Gerber

Housekeeping Manager

Corinne Büchi

Deputy Housekeeping Manager


Zora Schmidlin

Restaurant Manager

Franco Cacciatore

Deputy Restaurant Manager


Mathias Ulrich

Executive Chef

Kevin Inauen


Alessandro Strano


Marketing & Sales

Nadine Pernstich

Head Marketing & Sales

Anna Hausammann

Digital Marketing Manager

Wolfsberg Dialogue Program

Anna-Lena Bruns

Program Manager
Arts and Culture, Health and Lifestyle

Christof Müller


Rea Reichen

Program Manager
Arts and Culture

Nils Walt

Program Manager
Politics and Society, Economics and Leadership, Health and Lifestyle