A set of diverse activities for teamwork optimization is at your disposal – carefully selected by UBS University. The games target creativity, innovation as well as communication and collaboration skills. In addition, a transparent feedback culture and mutual trust are promoted. The games can be used in a variety of ways and offer optimal possibilities for different group sizes, time frames and objectives.

Available games and exercises

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will gladly assist you in planning your team building activities at Wolfsberg.


Sneak a Peak

Who is able to explain to their group what exaclty they have to do?


  • Practice communication skills
  • Experience the challenge of implementing a vision or strategy
  • Practice collective problem solving

Blind Square

Find ways to communicate with your team to solve a task that you can’t even see yet.


  • Practice teamwork
  • Practice team communication
  • Practice collective problem solving

Conference Call

Test your strength to communicate during a phone call. The details are key!


  • Gain a perspective on what details are important
  • Test listening ability


Fact Finding Fun

Who made which statement? Find as many connections as possible and get to know your team in the process.


  • Learn more about team members
  • Build trust
  • Increase social cohesion

Truth or Lie 

How well do you know your team? Try to find the wrong statements. 


  • Get to know each other
  • Communicate under time pressure

Speed Dating

Fast and entertaining way to get to know a new group.


  • Get to know each other
  • Communicate under time pressure

Team Tower

Build a tower as high as possible with your team!


  • Practice teamwork
  • Experience group dynamics

Speed Appreciation

Have you ever told your teammates, what you really appreciate about them? 


  • Boost team spirit
  • Improve internal relationships
  • Practice focusing on positive traits of coworkers

Helium Stick

Test how efficiently you can work together.


  • Practice teamwork
  • Experience group dynamics

Ball Point Game

Organize and communicate efficiently to complete this task.


  • Practice teamwork
  • Experience group dynamics



Which team gets to face the king first?


  • Use your team’s strengths to your advantage
  • Boost your strategic thinking skills



Learn, innovate and improve

Innovation Quiz

Which team finds out, where these products originated from?


  • Understand how failures can lead to great business ideas
  • Kick off a discussion on innovation
  • Earn some great example of lateral thinking

Spaghetti Tower

Build the strongest tower out of unconventional material.


  • Practice several design thinking mindsets
  • Practice team innovation and creativity
  • Practice agility 

Leonardo's Bridge

On the trails of Leonardo da Vinci you will not only have to prove your engineering skill but also challenge your ability to work in a team.


  • Practice team creativity
  • Practice dealing with sparse resources
  • Practice out-of-the-box thinking

Team Health Check

Sad, Mad, Glad

How is your team doing and what are your team members most pressing issues?


  • Get insight about team's emotional state
  • Get information about burning issues
  • Create a basis for discussions about the future

Team Health Check

Find out what your team need to strive and move forward.


  • Gain a perspective on what details are important
  • Test listening ability



Transform your time offsite into something special and supplement it with an out-of-the-ordinary activity in the region.

Biking and jogging in the adjacent woods or cultural excursions in the attractive Lake Constance region will provide new impulses and inspiration for you and your team.
Mountain bikes and e-bikes can be hired at the Front Desk.

A selection of activities in the region

We are happy to support you with putting together extra-curricular activities in the attractive Lake Constance region.
The content as well as the time frame of the Wolfsberg tours can be adapted to fit your individual preferences.

Wolfsberg tours

History and surroundings

Since its construction by Wolf Walter von Gryffenberg in 1576, Wolfsberg has been able to look back on an exciting and diverse history: notable people from contemporary international history have been guests at Wolfsberg, and numerous owners have lent the estate their very own personal touch. Immerse yourself in over 445 years of history.

Art and architecture

The new seminar and conference center meets the highest technology and sustainability standards and is one of the most modern conference centers in Switzerland. You can also take a look at the contemporary artwork in the UBS Art Collection both inside and outside, as well as the special hanging concept.

Wolfsberg Tour – a look behind the scenes

Completed in March 2020, the seminar and conference centre is all about environmental sustainability. Together with the historic buildings and the hotel, the Wolfsberg today allows for optimal occupancy and a unique experience. But what happens behind the scenes? We invite you to take a look behind the scenes and learn more about our buildings, their history and their environmental sustainability.

Workshops and visits

Digital farm (3 km)

In the digital dairy shed at Arenenberg, cows decide their daily routine themselves. The new husbandry system with automatic, robotic milking systems, autonomous slurry robot, an automatic pasture gate and an innovative composting system. Take a guided tour to find out some exciting and interesting facts about how dairy sheds are being digitized.

Cooking at Arenenberg (3 km)

Groups of 15 to 20 people can try their hand at cooking in the kitchen at Arenenberg. Plan, cook and enjoy a meal of your choice with the help of professional chefs. Here you can experience all the benefits of the estate’s own vegetable garden and farm, which supply the majority of the ingredients. Likewise, the experience of cooking together can be supplemented with special themes, such as e.g. fine brandies, Napoleon, etiquette and much more.

Gottlieber Hüppen (7 km)

«Hüppen» are the region’s most famous sweet temptation. The factory in Gottlieben offers workshops for groups in which chocolate bars are made, truffles are filled, and lots of interesting facts about chocolate and the company are revealed. It goes without saying that sampling is included.

Foxtrail «Conexus» (8 km)

On the first cross-border Foxtrail, you can follow the fox’s tracks through Kreuzlingen and Constance while also learning a lot about the two cities. Only by solving the tricky puzzles will you find all the stations. This activity not only promotes logical thinking and creativity; it also makes for an excellent team-building exercise.

Planetarium in Kreuzlingen (10 km)

The planetarium in Kreuzlingen is equipped with the latest technology, which projects the current starscape on a 360° screen. Exciting events on our solar system, possible life on other planets and many other topics can be booked.

Sport and exercise

Wolfsberg Walk (30 m)

During an approximately one-hour contemplative circular walk through nature, you can be inspired to think and discuss questions such as "When was the last time you connected with someone going the other way?" on the benches made of regional wood positioned along the way. A picnic backpack can be ordered for a small fee (at least 3 working days in advance).

Vita Parcours fitness trail (30 m)

Exercise lovers have the chance to complete 15 stages on a fitness trail laid out in the nearby forest, with a choice of 43 exercises in total.
Route length: 2.8 km | Effective length: 3.3 km | Climb: 50 m

Boarderhouse (5 km)

The Boarderhouse in Berlingen offers a variety of water sports. The equipment for wakeboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing and much more can be rented directly on-site courses and activities for groups are also offered on request.

Golf court Lipperswil (7.5 km)

Situated between apple trees and the green fields of the Thurgau region, the golf facility offers 27 holes, a driving range, a putting green and a cozy clubhouse. Training programs are also offered. Thanks to the mild climate, it is possible to play golf all year round.

Ice rink Kreuzlingen (10 km)

Between October and March, the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen is transformed into a public ice rink. The outdoor and part of the indoor area are made available to all fans of ice skating. Events such as ice discos with dancing and a bar are held regularly in the evening.


Vinorama Museum Ermatingen (2 km)

The Vinorama Museum provides historical insights into Ermatingen and the lake region that can be experienced with all the senses, with a focus on viticulture in the Lake Constance region. In the «Phoenix» house, it is also possible to experience life in a stately home from around 1900 in its original form.

Untersee und Rhein boat trips (2 km)

The passenger boats belonging to the «Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und Rhein» travel the roughly 50-kilometer stretch between Schaffhausen (CH) and Constance (Germany) or Kreuzlingen (Switzerland) from April to mid-October.

Napoleon museum (3 km)

High above Lake Constance, Louis Napoleon III, the last emperor of France, lived in a stylishly furnished castle in the middle of a beautiful park. The present-day Napoleon Museum houses the original furnishings, while the parkland has been lovingly restored. From Wolfsberg, the museum can also be reached in a 40-minute walk.

Napoleon tower Hohenrain (3 km)

On the viewing platform of the wooden Napoleon Tower, which is a 40 minutes' walk from Wolfsberg, and can be reached up 200 steps, a splendid panoramic view awaits you. The present-day tower was newly built in 2017, but its history stretches back to the year 1829 when Louis Napoleon III had the tower constructed as a belvedere for Hohenrain.

See-Burgtheater (11 km)

Since 1990, See-Burgtheater has offered theatrical performances on an open-air stage every year from July to the end of August in the idyllic park in Kreuzlingen, inviting you to enjoy top-class entertainment. Pieces range from traditional to modern, and the creatively designed stage means that nothing stands in the way of your immersion in another world.


“Wy und Kafi” (Wine and Coffee) Mesmerhuus (2 km)

A stylish wine bar in the historic Mesmerhaus Ermatingen “Mesmerhuus”. In the cellar of the award-winning zero energy building you can choose from a delightful selection of special wines from the Thurgau region, as well as cocktails, beer, cider and snacks.

Restaurant Krone (2 km)

The award-winning fish restaurant in a rustic, timber-framed building in Ermatingen offers stunning views of Lower Lake Constance. The homely restaurant, which is located directly by the harbor, serves a wide range of delicacies.

Restaurant Seegarten (2 km)

Various fish dishes are prepared in the small kitchen depending on the day’s catch, as well as fresh salads and desserts. The restaurant exclusively cooks fish caught by Luzia’s husband Rolf, one of the few fishermen still active on Lower Lake Constance.

Hiking and wine tasting (3 km)

Arenenberg is not only known for its castle, but its wines also have an excellent reputation. On a guided hike through the vineyards with a wonderful view of Lake Constance you will learn about the vision of the winery and can taste their wines along the way.

Restaurant Alpenblick (3 km)

On the hill directly behind the Wolfsberg, you can enjoy simple, local cuisine with views of Säntis and the Churfirsten mountains. The restaurant is also accessible from Wolfsberg on foot – ideally with a short detour to the Napoleon tower, which is just ten minutes’ walk from the Alpenblick.

Restaurant Porto Sofie (7 km)

Situated in a unique position by the waterfront in the picturesque town of Gottlieben, with a terrace directly on the Seerhein promenade. Tasty dishes made from local produce ensure a hearty and balanced cuisine. Traditional Flammkuchen in different varieties as well as tasty beef tartare from the region.

Fitness and wellness 

The 450 square metres of sauna, Saunarium® and steam sauna, as well as a fitness room with the innovative SensoPro Luna and a selection of most modern strength and endurance equipment and a yoga room with music and microphone facilities, ensure moments of well-being.

Information Wellness

The sauna, saunarium® and steam sauna are available
on request from 5-9 p.m. Please inquire at the front desk at least 60 minutes before your desired use.

Thank you.

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