Right from the start: plan your assets

“On AG” is a Swiss running shoe brand which operates on the international market. Very soon after it was established, the company laid the proper groundwork for a forward-looking asset strategy. Planning ahead is crucial for a company experiencing such strong growth. “On” sets up financing scenarios at an early stage to prevent the business from falling into difficulty. Having a well-balanced financing structure also helps ensure the company’s financial viability, both now and in the future.

What you should watch out for

Ensuring the positive development of your company is crucial. The same applies to carefully structuring all your assets early on. Doing so will make your company dynamic, profitable, and easy to pass on to someone else. And you are laying the foundations for good pension planning at the same time. That’s why:

  • You should transfer any resources that aren’t needed by the business to your private assets as salary or dividend payments
  • Asset structuring should be an ongoing process – partly for tax reasons
  • You should check your current pension fund solution. Voluntary purchases into pension funds are attractive for tax reasons
  • Financial flexibility is very important, particularly when it comes to succession planning within a family. If you have taken the right precautions, you can sell your company to your descendants at a very low price, or even give it away, while paying the other heirs their share at the same time

How we can support you

  • We will give you advice on the importance of structuring all your assets early on – advice that is always tailored to your personal situation and your company and ownership strategy
  • We will help you define a withdrawal strategy so that you can transfer any resources that aren’t needed by the business from your professional to your private assets
  • We will check your current pension fund solution and prepare a purchasing and withdrawal strategy in line with your situation. This will allow us to optimize your tax burden and help you build up your private assets as you prepare for retirement

The best expertise to meet your needs

Whatever questions you are asking yourself as an entrepreneur, nobody offers as much experience, expertise and inspiration as UBS. We will provide a team of experienced specialists from a variety of fields, drawn together especially to meet your requirements. We will examine your situation as a whole – as an entrepreneur and a private individual.

How other entrepreneurs have succeeded

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario

The chairman of the board of directors suffers a fatal accident, but it has to be business as usual at the company: that’s exactly what happened to the Twerenbold Reisen group. Fortunately, a succession solution was already in place when the accident happened.

Reaping the rewards: with the best succession solution

Nobody likes thinking about what will happen when it’s time to pass on their own life’s work. Yet the day inevitably comes when they have to hand over to someone else. Jenny Science, a company that specializes in high-tech engine technologies, played out various scenarios.

Take part in discussions with our specialists and with people who are in a similar situation

It is our pleasure to invite you to our “Business succession” event. You will have the opportunity to take part in discussions with our specialists and with people near you who are in a similar situation. Get advice in a small group, share your experience with others and discover various courses of action.