How to find your succession solution


Good to know

Did you know that, statistically speaking, completing the succession process takes an average of seven years, even when external specialists are involved? And rarely do so many emotions come into play. It can be a very stressful, and even exhausting time. Examine your options at an early stage – it’s worth it.

Our expertise

The experience we have gained from executing succession transactions shows that extensive expertise and close support from specialized consultants are crucial to finding the right solution. You should therefore rely on the expertise of our specialists when evaluating, selling and passing on your company. To ensure that your company and your assets fall into the right hands.

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Who should take over?

There are various issues that determine which succession solution is right for you. Our decision chart will help you find out which options may be suitable for your business.

Unforeseen events

Nobody likes to think about illness or accidents. And yet these things can happen suddenly. Learn here how you can prepare for the unexpected.

Asset structuring

Find out whether your corporate and personal assets are balanced and how you can optimize your tax burden, for example.