Finding the best succession solution

Alois Jenny wanted to give Jenny Science AG to his children. But he initially failed to take into account the interests and expectations of all the parties concerned. Especially as his complex family structure with several children and stepchildren made the situation even more delicate. So he asked everyone to sit around a table to try and agree on a solution. Thanks to this early planning, and by discussing the matter with the experts at UBS, he ultimately succeeded in finding the ideal succession solution.

What you should watch out for

Consider all the options and try and understand the expectations of all the members of the family and other important stakeholders such as the management team. Prepare carefully by:

  • clarifying whether family or management members would be interested in and capable of taking over
  • taking into account the financing possibilities of the successor, and presenting key figures and financial information about the company to outsiders in a comprehensive manner
  • creating sustainable management and HR structures
  • investigating the basic legal and financial conditions and implications

Your strategy determines whether the focus will be on intangible or financial assets, and whether you would prefer to pass on the business to someone within the family or opt for an external alternative.

How we can support you

  • We will investigate the options and wishes of all those involved, i.e. yourself, your family and possibly the management. We will then concentrate on the feasibility and the advantages and disadvantages of different aspects such as financing, equality between heirs, and taxes
  • We will assist you with the structural and financial optimization of your company's accounts, establishing the foundation for an attractive handover
  • We will help you to calculate the objective value of your company. This will form the basis for setting a purchase price, and will come into play when deciding how to pass on and divide up assets within the family
  • We will show you the options and solutions involving your family and potential buyers, and explain whether financing will be necessary for handing over your company or for your assets
  • We will offer you support as you hand over your ownership rights and obligations to your successors. We will guide you throughout the process, from the initial idea through to its completion

The best expertise to meet your needs

Whatever questions you are asking yourself as an entrepreneur, nobody offers as much experience, expertise and inspiration as UBS. We will provide a team of experienced specialists from a variety of fields, drawn together especially to meet your requirements. We will examine your situation as a whole – as an entrepreneur and a private individual.

How other entrepreneurs have succeeded

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario

The chairman of the board of directors suffers a fatal accident, but it has to be business as usual at the company: that’s exactly what happened to the Twerenbold Reisen group. Fortunately, a succession solution was already in place when the accident happened.

Right from the start: plan your assets

Entrepreneurs often invest all their assets in their business. “On”, the world's fastest growing running shoe brand, has taken the right precautions by adopting an integrated approach to structuring its assets early on.

Take part in discussions with our specialists and with people who are in a similar situation

It is our pleasure to invite you to our “Business succession” event. You will have the opportunity to take part in discussions with our specialists and with people near you who are in a similar situation. Get advice in a small group, share your experience with others and discover various courses of action.