Business won’t come to a standstill, even in your absence


Good to know

You only realize what will stop functioning without you when you are unexpectedly absent from the company for an extended period of time. Do you have a deputy with the appropriate signing authority, for example? What about an advance care directive and a patient decree? And who is authorized to access your company passwords? Prepare yourself early – it’s worth it.

Our expertise

Our experience and exchanges with our clients have taught us that every company should be carefully prepared for unexpected events, which occur more often than you might think. We offer advice and assistance, with the preparation of an advance care directive or a patient decree, for example. Take precautions to be on the safe side.

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Stumbling blocks to succession

Look through our overview of the most common stumbling blocks to succession and learn how to avoid them when you hand over your own company.

Asset structuring

Find out whether your corporate and personal assets are balanced and how you can optimize your tax burden, for example.

Succession options

Consider every possibility and weigh up different succession options. Our checklist will help you.