Visit to view all upcoming UBS Arena events including New York Islanders games as well as world-class artists and entertainers performing at the Arena

What’s it like to film Grammy award-winning artists? Wale Ogunleye, Head of Sports and Entertainment at UBS, sat down with photographer and director, Danny Clinch, to discuss his legacy and experience filming the UBS Arena grand opening concert. Watch the video below to learn more.

UBS Arena is the home to the NHL’s New York Islanders—and host to more than 150 music, entertainment and sporting events each year. Every aspect of the arena’s design has fans and performers at its heart.

We celebrated the grand opening of UBS Arena by ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Watch the video below to hear from UBS leaders on this special day.

During the event:

  • A capacity of 17,500 for hockey games and up to 18,500 for concerts
  • The UBS Club features opera-style boxes, fine dining and private parking for members
  • The biggest scoreboard in New York, along with other high-res LED displays
  • The widest seats (24-inch) in the New York Metro Area
  • Precisely engineered acoustics with four subwoofers for crystal clear, immersive sound
  • Unique views of hockey players taking to the ice from the Spotlight Club

Before and after the event:

  • Iconic memorabilia and Instagrammable fan zone in The Islanders Club
  • Two outdoor terraces open to all guests
  • Eight bars with views of the stage and ice open to all guests
  • Celebrity chefs for unique food and drink
  • Grab-and-go tech for 75% less time spent in line for food and drink


  • The Islanders have a 23,000 square footlocker room and team training facility
  • All performers can warm up and unwind in our unparalleled backstage artist compound
  • Each act can save money with our hyper-efficient load-in and load-out service – using seven loading bays for stage and performance equipment

Coming soon:

  • 315,000 square feet of luxury shopping space
  • A 4-star boutique hotel nearby

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