New investments/Existing accounts

We provide acquisition, portfolio management, asset management and sales capabilities for clients. Portfolios are specially developed to meet specific client objectives. Investment strategies range from diversified, enhanced core portfolios to targeted single-property type, development portfolios. Most of our accounts have blended strategies (i.e., a combination of core and value-added), have specific leverage guidelines and allow various degrees of discretion. Others are structured to explore current market opportunities seeking a higher return by taking a prudent amount of risk.


We have had significant and long-standing experience in taking over portfolios for pension fund clients. We undertook our first takeover assignment approximately 20 years ago and have provided this expertise for domestic pension and non-US clients since that time. These takeover assets cross all property types and size.

We have extensive experience with takeover assignments, and have developed comprehensive checklists and detailed timetables, which are tailored to each assignment. Generally we seek to identify concerns in the following areas:

  • Leasing/tenant issues

  • Operational issues

  • Market issues

  • Ownership structure/debt issues/partnership issues

  • Legal issues

  • Accounting/reporting issues

We start by identifying time-sensitive issues and prioritize actions. The organized collection and review of information is critical to the process, which includes site inspections and meetings with on-site staff. The fact that we do compete for property management or leasing business facilitates this process because on-site management recognizes that it may be retained.

When taking over a new portfolio we subject the properties to the same high degree of due diligence as with our own acquisitions.