Introducing our Sustainable Investing leadership team

Our dedicated team of sustainability experts includes specialists in corporate governance, stewardship, thematic engagement, impact engagement and impact investing, as well as a team of data science experts. Learn more about some of our key sustainability leaders below.

Lucy Thomas

Head of Sustainable Investing and Impact at UBS Asset Management

Hans-Christoph Hirt

Head of Impact Engagement

Narina Mnatsakanian

Head of Impact Investing

Anne Ackermann Amar

Head of Sustainable Investing Governance

Francis Condon

Head of Sustainable Thematic Engagement

Paul Clark

Head of Stewardship

Karsten Guettler

Head of Sustainable Investment Specialists

Rajdip Ghosh

Head of Sustainable Investing Quant Analytics

Third party reports and rankings

PRI | Principles for Responsible Investing

Important information
The Principles for Responsible Investing (“PRI”) is an investor initiative in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative and UN Global Compact. The PRI is funded primarily via an annual membership fee payable by all signatories. The PRI’s six Principles for Responsible Investment offer a menu of possible actions for incorporating ESG issues into investment practice. This includes the requirement for PRI signatories to report publicly on their responsible investment activities each year. PRI assesses the responsible performance of its signatories to provide feedback to signatories and support ongoing learning and development.

The attached public transparency report, generated November 21, 2022, is an export of UBS AM’s responses to the PRI Reporting Framework, based upon calendar year 2021 data, and includes all public and mandatory indicators. The attached assessment report, issued August 18, 2022, shows year-on-year progress and broad scoring bands per module or per asset class/sub-strategy based on the PRI’s assessment. The PRI does not provide an overall organization score.

For more info about PRI, please consult the webpage here and learn more about PRI’s scoring methodology here. Like all signatories, UBS AM pays an annual membership fee to PRI and has paid no other compensation to PRI with respect to the assessment. Find out more about PRI’s membership requirements here. UBS-AM has been a signatory of PRI since 2009.

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Introducing our leadership team

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