The winner of the UBS Female Founder Award 2022 will receive USD 10,000 to help you on your business or personal founder journey, and join our 2023 cohort for UBS Project Female Founder. Shortlisted nominees will also have a chance to enter the program and will benefit from UBS’s vast entrepreneurial network and mentoring abilities.

Hear from 2021’s winner, Kimberley Abbott, Founder & CEO of Vested

"I can't thank UBS enough for their continued support and development as part of their Project Female Founder. The women and men of UBS have been so supportive this past year, and empowered me and Vested Impact to better empower others with the data we need for the future we want."

October 2022

Cash prize

A cash award of USD 10,000 as the winner to help you on your business or personal founder journey.


Receive mentoring and networking opportunities with UBS Advisors, experienced entrepreneurs on the UBS platform, Venture Capital, and Private Equity investors, and more, in a global community that will allow you to build your own personal network as a founder.

In addition, you will be connected to UBS Next, a platform at UBS that helps to identify new opportunities within the start-up ecosystem and further enhances UBS's technology-driven growth through partnerships and strategic investments.

Project Female Founder

The year-long program will teach you important skills such as how to create the perfect funding pitch, as well as introduce you to the Coralus network, an ecosystem of early-stage female founders and entrepreneurs which will become invaluable while on your journey as a founder.

Global profile

Gain the recognition that comes from winning a prestigious award and build your profile by being shortlisted or winning a prize from one of the world's leading financial services organizations.