Professional Advisers


Professional Advisers

Is a DAF suitable for your client?

If you advise individuals with philanthropic goals who would like to give to charity in the most effective way, a Donor-Advised Foundation may be right for these clients.

A Donor-Advised Foundation does away with the complexity and cost of setting up a family charitable foundation. It can be set up relatively quickly with no administration or legal cost to your client.

The facts, in one place.

Download our factsheet, for use in your client discussions.

A flexible and efficient way to manage charitable donations 

  • Your client can benefit from the Government's tax relief for charitable donations on funds in deposited into a DAF account, any time of the year
  • Your client can put aside now in planning for when the time is right for them to start giving to charity – the same tax benefits apply
  • Your client can donate the income on the underlying investment portfolio and have a separate plan of giving for the capital
  • Your client can protect their identity and give anonymously