Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations

The future belongs to those who plan for it and when it comes to succession planning or safeguarding your assets against unforeseen circumstances, it is never too early to start. Whether you would like to set up a trust for charitable purposes, as a profit-sharing scheme for employees, or to protect your loved ones, we can act as your trustee.

We have a fully licensed and regulated trust company in Jersey. UBS Trustees (Jersey) Ltd has had a presence in Jersey since 1972, demonstrating the importance placed on the long-term delivery of high quality trust services in a reputable finance centre. We provide the full range of trust offerings as well as customised structures tailored to a client’s particular requirements. The Trustees work closely with the client’s legal and tax advisers to ensure that the most suitable vehicle is established to meet the client’s needs.

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Standard Trust service include:

  • Customised individual trusts
  • UBS Personal trusts
  • Pre and post IPO structures
  • Private trust companies
  • BVI Vista trusts

Bespoke services including: *

  • Managed companies
  • Corporate employee benefit trusts (EBTs)
  • Foundations
  • Jersey limited partnerships

Your reason(s) for setting up a trust will be highly individual

We take the time to discuss your priorities and concerns with you. We then work with your legal and / or tax advisors to design and implement a suitable structure that addresses your concerns.

Typically, individuals set up trusts for the following reasons:

  • Succession: A trust can continue to hold the family wealth for the benefit of your children and future generations
  • Asset preservation: A trust may help to protect family wealth from events outside your control, such as political instability. It can provide for dependents by controlling the flow of income to beneficiaries: this is particularly useful with respect to minor children, children who do not know how to manage money and where parents may be concerned about future divorce of children
  • Taxation: A trust may be tax efficient in certain circumstances, subject to advice from a tax advisor qualified in the relevant jurisdiction(s)
  • Charitable giving: Many charitable foundations are set up as trusts. A trust can be settled for a purpose as well as to benefit beneficiaries. Charitable trusts are typically set up for the purpose of either giving to charities or undertaking charitable endeavours

Maintaining flexibility in case circumstances change

Beneficiaries’ needs are likely to change over time and the settlor can discuss and confirm these needs periodically with the trustee.

Trust law in certain jurisdictions will allow the settlor to retain a level of control including, for example, the right to appoint and remove trustees and manage the trust's assets. Although it may not be appropriate to retain certain powers (depending on your objective in settling the trust), the fact that it is possible to do so means we can design your trusts flexibly to ensure that it continues to meet your needs into the future.

UBS Trustees (Jersey) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission for the conduct of trust company and funds services business. UBS Trustees (Jersey) Ltd does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice.

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