Thoughts Worth Sharing


The platform encourages a healthy exchange of perspectives between opinion leaders and you. 'Thoughts Worth Sharing' encompasses a wide variety of topics covering future trends which may impact investments – and is meant to prepare and inspire you to stay one step ahead of these emerging trends. Two events took place so far.

A Life Worth Living (2018)

The meaning of life is the meaning each and every one of us give it. We believe that we can make a difference. Here we share insights on a variety of topics that are linked to each other: family, business and passion. Reflecting on how we can best use our time and wealth to make an impact through FoodTech, sustainable investing, caring for underserved communities or even by creativity and design.

Thoughts Worth Sharing (2017)

Investors are facing some of the most exciting changes of this generation. Technological advances and new digitally savvy consumers are at the forefront of a paradigm shift, reshaping all of our expectations. Behind this shift are those whom the world truly belongs to - the innovators and millennial dreamers. To them wealth is about more than the preservation of power. It's about access to education, environmental impact, gender equality and more.

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