At UBS, we believe the private sector has a crucial role to play in supporting innovative, sustainable solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. We help social enterprises scale their positive change by connecting them with our network of employees, partners and clients.

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What is a Global Visionary?

Global Visionaries are leading social entrepreneurs – outstanding individuals working towards one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. They're finding innovative solutions to societal issues, across diverse realms such as health; education; equality and the environment.

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

They are a set of United Nations' goals, adopted in September 2015 to "end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all" as part of a sustainable development agenda.

How do you choose your Global Visionaries?

Global Visionaries are selected by a UBS board. They must meet the following selection criteria:

We are celebrating outstanding individuals who are:


They are thought leaders at the forefront of innovation - their work is shaping our future - from the society we live in to the products we use.


Their actions create positive environmental and/or social impact.


They have a great story to tell and a clear, convincing message to share - which are of interest to UBS and its stakeholders.

And are working for organizations that are:


The organization has the potential and ability to be financially and operationally sustainable in the long run.


The organization's method of solving societal challenges is designed to be scalable.


The organization and its purpose complement our overall strategy and the support that we offer other Global Visionaries.

What help do you give each Global Visionary?

The UBS program helps its Global Visionaries in three ways:

  • Participants are offered business or organizational support as necessary from UBS experts and Ashoka.
  • We amplify Visionaries' stories and messages by showcasing them on UBS-owned media and running social media campaigns and other marketing activities.
  • Where relevant, they are given access to UBS's global network through speaking engagements and direct connections.

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