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Zero deforestation

Worldwide. By 2020.

In Philanthropy

Clearing obstacles to treating childhood cancer

Learn how one doctor worked to further United Nations'Sustainable Development Goal three: Good health and well-being by improving treatment of childhood cancer in Ghana.

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No way without water

Every two minutes a child dies from a water-related disease. This social business helps provide clean water at one critical place: schools.

In philanthropy

Novel ways to fight poverty

United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal no. 1 is No Poverty – sounds unachievable? Maybe our assumptions are getting the better of us.

SDG 13

Myths and facts

The reality about our climate strategy.

SDG 16

Enslaved at 19

Predators used social media to blackmail her into sex trafficking. A new prevention program was designed to stop it from happening.

In communities

How UBS reacted to a natural disaster

A story of UBS employees who lived the 2011 Japan Earthquake, and who engaged to help their community.

In philanthropy

A conversation with global philanthropists

We believe the best philanthropy stems from collaboration. As a leading wealth manager, we have the privilege to connecting people with a passion for a better world, and those working every day to make a difference.

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Food for thought

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number two is Zero hunger – it's a concern we all know about but the lack of funding tells another story.

SDG 14

Protecting oceans

We talked with experts about the issues oceans face, and the solutions that exist.

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Transforming plastic waste into life changers

How two young designers and a UBS banker bonded over a prosthetic leg made from recycled plastic.

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Five women making an impact

Being a female founder of a fast-growing company can often feel like a challenging and isolating experience. See how UBS created a program to provide support for innovative female leaders.

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Clearly seeing the solution

Of the 253 million people worldwide who are blind or have very poor sight, around three quarters have a treatable or preventable condition. Ensuring all have access to eye care is Andrew Bastawrous’ ambitious plan.

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Straight As for world's first education bond

How innovative social finance structures can open new opportunities for social investors – an example in education.

In finance

Conscious funds

Major financial players are taking an increasingly important role in fighting climate change. Here's one example.

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Combating marine plastic pollution, globally

Instead of ending up in the belly of a bird, fish or whale, the plastic Parley intercepts from beaches is upcycled into iconic products.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

A better world for women

The road to achieving gender equality still lies ahead of us. Here are four ways to make a change, together.

In philanthropy

From Christmas gifts to impact investing

For one client, using money to create positive impact has been a growing experience – one of tremendous learning and joy. Here is his journey.

SDG 14

Ocean day

The ocean is a key contributor to our economies.

In business

Preserving the world and value

UBS addresses climate change with a comprehensive strategy. Rahel Wendelspiess of the environmental and social risk unit ensures we meet our commitment to a low-carbon economy.

Our expert view

The new kid on the development block

Phyllis Costanza, CEO of the UBS Optimus Foundation, writes about the growing popularity of Development Impact Bonds.

SDG 15: Life on Land

In the habitat of doing good

No species is irr-elephant. It may be a pun, but protecting life on land is more important than ever.

In philanthropy

How to save three million lives

A pioneering health organization works to bring medical care to remote parts of Africa and becomes a key player in the fight against Ebola in Liberia.

Our expert view

Exploring the next frontier in banking

Christian Leitz, Head Corporate Responsibility Management UBS, offers his view on sustainability regulation.

Our expert view

Can ESG really boost performance?

Bruno Bertocci, Head of UBS Asset Management Sustainable Equities Team elaborates if environmental, social and governance data can boost performace.

In business

Architecting the future

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy is often synonymous with tremendous challenge for companies. We've worked hard to develop a blueprint for achieving sustainable operations.

In finance

Crossing the valley

Finding a cure to cancer has a major funding obstacle and impact investing could be the answer.


Do you like a challenge?

Take our quiz to find out how much you know about some of the world's greatest challenges (identified by the United Nations as Sustainable Development Goals).

In communities

A decade of tackling disadvantage

How one school is bringing quality education to over 1,000 of London's most disadvantaged students.

Our expert view

Partners for a better future

An expert view on the 17th Sustainanble Development Goal "Partnerships for the Goals" by Simon Smiles, Chief Investment Officer Ultra High Net Worth Clients, UBS Wealth Management

In finance

Creating a new calculus for sustainable investing

In finance

New Data and Scientific Models Improve Assessment of Corporate Sustainability

In finance

Demonstrating positive impact for mainstream investment strategies

our experts' opinion

An investor’s guide to climate change


Welcome to the future of food

Plant-based meat, Big Data in agriculture, online food delivery, seed treatment and science: These are just some of the changes you will see coming to your farm, plate and supermarket soon.

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Five reasons UBS loves chocolate

Chocolate just got a whole lot better – and the results go way beyond your taste buds.