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July 2024

AIm high

As the AI roll-out gathers pace, we find ourselves at an inflection point. The decisions taken in the next few years will decide whether AI's upsides are fully realized and its risks adequately mitigated.

Our white paper contains insights on how to optimize AI’s consequences for human capital, via its impacts on education, workplace productivity, and health.

January 2024

Bloom or bust

It is dawning on the global community that biodiversity loss requires just as swift action as climate change. The urgent need for a more holistic approach to confronting it is expressed in the Global Biodiversity Framework’s goal of reversing biodiversity loss by 2030. Achieving this goal demands bold action.

October 2023

Rethink, rebuild, reimagine

Responsible for 37% of global emissions, decarbonizing the building sector is crucial to achieve Net Zero targets. Find out how we get there and the role of various stakeholders.


May 2023

The rise of the impact economy

How we’re evolving to the next level in regards to the rise of the impact economy.

November 2022

The green inflection point

Driving decarbonization of the real economy

June 2022

From ozone to oxygen

Opportunities and risks in natural capital

March 2022

Define. Align. Refine.

A framework to mobilize impact investing and strategic philanthropy for a better world

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