How UBS safeguards your data

Safeguarding your banking data, commercial information and financial assets

At UBS, we’re on your side. UBS continuously focuses resources and investments on critical cyber and information security capabilities. Our number one priority is our clients and the safety of their assets and data.

We have specialist UBS teams working day in and day out to safeguard your banking data, commercial information and financial assets. Our network and internal systems are protected through robust technological controls and security protocols that are monitored continuously.

Everyone plays a role in cyber safety. One should always follow best practices for cyber safety.

Third party risk

UBS leverages services from the best firms in the market to provide the most innovative and seamless experience to its clients. UBS reflects its reliance on global external partners in its cyber security framework. All delivery partners must meet UBS cyber security standards but might still become a cyber threat target. UBS’ partners inform the bank immediately whenever they have experienced a cyber incident posing also a threat to UBS.