Cyber security in time of crisis – stay alert

Cyber criminals thrive on uncertainty. 

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, cyber criminals sadly use such times of crisis and world events as an opportunity to get hold of your information via phishing attacks and other methods.

Here are some points to consider to stay cyber safe in times of crisis:

  • Be alert to phishing emails and bogus calls. Some scams may reference a crisis situation or a global event using emotion and urgency to entice you to reply or click a link. Check the authenticity of a request before sharing any information with people you don’t know. Never click on any links, download any attachments, or give information over the phone if you have any doubts.
  • Donate through official channels. Some scams may pretend to be fake charities asking you to donate. If you wish to donate to a charity, it's best to make the donation by visiting the charity's official website or by calling them on a known documented number.
  • Stay secure online. Only consult known, reputable sources for the latest crisis updates and use multi-factor authentication where possible. Do not click on advert links.

Remember: If something is too good to be true it probably is!