Online browsing

Simple tips to stay safe online

Ever met a trojan horse on the internet?

The internet is all about connectivity. But how do you know the website you’re visiting is legitimate, secure and free of malicious software?

Here are a few simple tips to stay safe online:

  • Only visit trustworthy websites: A secure website will start with https:// in front of the address. Bookmark any websites you frequently use to your favourites. Never input any confidential data into web forms if you are uncertain about the legitimacy of the site. Important information: UBS never sends out emails with links to login pages such as e-banking and will never ask you for your e-banking contract number or PIN.
  • Keep your software up to date. To be even better protected, make sure your antivirus software is regularly updated. Consider the use of spam filters and even "anti-phishing" software to help screen out potential phishers on websites and emails.
  • Change the default passwords on your router and connected devices to keep your network secure.
  • Use different passwords for all the applications you access.
  • Be wary of public WiFi hotspots. Avoid using them for online banking, emailing or updating social media, as hackers may be able to access your information.