Important note:

This invite is issued by or on behalf of the UBS Group entity (UBS Group AG including any of its subsidiaries, branches or affiliates; “UBS") that you are in discussion with to attend a Microsoft Teams (“Teams”) meeting (“Meeting”). If you forward the Meeting invite to other parties you must include this Important Note.

In order for you to join the Meeting, you may need to download Teams and accept the license terms between you and Microsoft Corporation although you are not required to create a Teams account and may join the Meeting as a guest. UBS shall not be liable for any losses, damages or other consequences suffered or incurred by you as a result of the downloading and use of the Teams application.

By joining the Meeting, please note that:

  1. for the purpose of this Meeting your personal data, such as the information you enter when accessing the Meeting and to the extent applicable, any other personal or (prospective) client identifying data allowing the identification of the business relationship with you (including third-party data and data of financial intermediaries) that you provide (whether in the Meeting itself, on screen, or in the chat associated with the Meeting) while using Teams (collectively and separately “Personal Data”) may be shared with and disclosed to other meeting participants wherever these participants are located.
  2. although all communication is adequately protected, there are inherent risks in transmitting Personal Data and instructions using Teams, in particular (1) the risk that such information may be intercepted, monitored or otherwise interfered with by third parties; (2) misuse resulting in damages caused by third parties intercepting messages; (3) system outages and other transmission errors, which can cause Personal Data to be delayed, altered, misrouted or deleted; and (4) misuse of the data shared in the Meeting. It is within your own responsibility to be aware of and implement the security precautions customary for public electronic networks.
  3. where you are acting as or on behalf of a corporate client, an organization, a financial intermediary, a (prospective) client or any other person, you warrant to have obtained all free and informed consents and approvals as needed for UBS to engage in processing of any Personal Data related to such party or end-client(s) of financial intermediaries.
  4. Teams is an agreed communication channel between you and UBS, and that you accept the inherent risk as per preceding paragraphs. Where applicable under your agreements with UBS, the terms that apply to communications via telephone will also apply to communication via Teams.
  5. detailed information on how UBS processes Personal Data including how we protect your data, your rights in respect of your data and contact details of the Data Protection Officer may be found in the applicable UBS Privacy Notice published at
  6. if you are in a country that does not have a dedicated Privacy Notice on the website linked above, or the applicable Privacy Notice does not apply to you, please note that (1) we will only retain Personal Data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with legal, regulatory or internal policy requirements. To help us do this, we apply criteria to determine the appropriate periods for retaining your Personal Data depending on its purpose. To the extent applicable and as far as necessary, we will keep your data for the duration of our banking relationship subject to applicable legal and regulatory requirements. In addition, we might process your data after the termination of our banking relationship for compliance or risk management in accordance with the applicable laws as well as pursuant to various retention and documentation obligations; and (2) by participating in the Meeting the terms set out in this disclaimer, you consent to the processing of your Personal Data as set out above. If you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data or you wish to exercise your rights under applicable laws with respect to your Personal Data or have any other questions about the processing of your Personal Data, please contact