Disclosure of Required Information

UBS Securities Pte. Ltd., Taipei Branch

Schedule of Service Fees for UBSST's Conducting Consigned Trading of Securities

2023 Announcement regarding Amendment to the Agreements for Listed Stocks in Taiwan

2023 Announcement regarding Amendment to the Agreements for Foreign Securities

Mutual Fund Product Introduction and Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure for Non-Investment Grade Bond Fund

Risk Disclosure for TLAC Bonds

Notice and Consent Letter for Personal Data Protection of UBSST

GWM Business Privacy Policy for Client Data Sharing

PRR Deterioration Instrument List and Name Change Event

Information on the fee rates and return rates for each share class of offshore funds in the latest five (5) years 

Source of information:  Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. (SITCA), version of April 2019, for reference only.  This information includes offshore funds not provided by the company, and the company has no obligation to provide any or all of the funds or fund share classes as included in such information. 

AML & CFT Internal Control Statement

General Disclosure Statement to clients of UBS Investment Bank Regarding Conflicts of Interest and Material Incentives

European Shareholders Rights Directive II

Notifications from Fund Houses for Temporary Swing Factor Change

Important disclosure from UBSST

UBS Securities Taipei Branch (UBSST) declares that we do not sell any products or provide services via online platforms, and any products or services sold in the name of the UBS Group that are illegally sold on the online platform are not related to all affiliates of the UBS Group.

Official websites for UBS Taiwan and UBSST are listed as below
UBS Taiwan (https://www.ubs.com/tw/tc.html)
UBSST regulatory disclosure website : https://www.ubs.com/tw/en/regulatory/ubs-securities.html
Only above official websites are the source information of products and services provided. If you have any concern or suspicion to the above mentioned, please contact the Police immediately.

To reinforce the awareness of investment frauds, Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation has established an “anti- securities investment fraud session”. (https://www.twse.com.tw/anti-fraud/view/index.html) You are welcome to visit the session to enhance your capability of fraud detection.

To prevent ourselves from falling victims to scams and frauds, please call the anti-scam hotline 165 or contact us(02-87227200). More information can be found on anti-scam page of Taiwan Securities Association.

From 23 March 2019, professional institutional investors may submit market orders to UBSS of securities traded on Taiwan Security Exchanges and Taipei Exchange. For other clients, UBSS only accepts limit order and relevant trading process shall remain the same.

Due to differences between U.S. securities tender offer and mini-tender offer, bidders of mini-tender offer have the discretion to extend the offer period, amend the price and limit the opt-out, which might negatively impact client’s interest. To protect client’s interest, with regard to the notification scope of U.S. securities acquisition, it is limited to public tender offer. Under applicable laws, UBS Securities Pte. Ltd., Taipei Branch is not obliged to inform or make public announcement of mini-tender offer events of U.S. securities going forward.

Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) has established eNotice platform for investors to receive notification regarding dividends from listed securities investment. For more information about notification service via the platform please refer to TDCC website:

Taiwan Securities Association (TSA) identified an unknown group using TSA name as fraud scheme. Please stay alert and contact anti-fraud hotline (02) 2737-3434 or visit TSA official website (http:/www.twsa.org.tw) for validation when having any investment concern from message sent from TSA .

In order to maintain securities market order and protect investors’ interest, Taiwan Securities Association (TSA) has established an “Unapproved Service Providers and Products Platform” (https://3434.twsa.org.tw/)  for investor’s awareness.

The above are market information disclosed by the major exchanges for your reference only. Investors shall pay attention to any changes in the foreign securities exchange markets or individual stocks you invest in to protect your investment right and interest.

Please contact 02-8722-7888 to update account profile due to replacement of new UI number for foreign nationals, and ensure the UI number is consistent across brokerage and settlement accounts lest any error occurs when cash dividend is paid out.

Fund Remuneration Propaganda

In order to protect the investor's right and interests, also to avoid any behaviors of mis-selling, the investors are encouraged to visit the website of Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. ("SITCA") for knowing the details of fund remuneration. UBS hereby provides the website of SITCA for your reference.

Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. (Website: www.sitca.org.tw, please visit "Know more about Fund Remuneration" under "Fund Investment Propaganda")

Friendly Financial Service for Elderly and Disabled Clients

UBS Securities Pte. Ltd., Taipei Branch (“UBS Securities”) would like to fulfill the friendly financial services for elderly and/or disabled clients and to provide appropriate services and measures to satisfy the needs of elderly and/or disabled clients.

If a client has any question, feedback, or needs which require further explanation / special assistance of the services from UBS Securities, please feel free to consult with us. UBS Securities is more than happy to serve with any special needs that client may require.