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UBS AG, Taipei

European Shareholders Rights Directive II

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GWM Business Privacy Policy for Client Data Sharing

Clients can ask the Bank to check the registration status of trust personnel with client-facing function where necessary indicating that clients can call the enquiry hot line (02-8722-7720) to ask for such information.

Rights of Depositors

  • UBS is one of the participating institutions in CDIC deposit insurance. Effective from 1 January 2011, CDIC compensates each depositor for up to TWD3 million, the coverage of which only includes the items defined in the Deposit Insurance Act. Deposit insurance only covers domestic deposits, including its interest as well as deposits in foreign currency, but excluding deposits made at OBU.
  • Negotiable certificates of deposit, other financial products or trust asset invested in objects other than deposits, will not be covered by the deposit insurance.

Friendly Financial Service for Elderly and Disabled Clients

Bank would like to fulfill the friendly financial services for elderly and/or disabled clients and to provide appropriate services and measures to satisfy the needs of elderly and/or disabled clients.

If a client has any question, feedback, or needs which require further explanation / special assistance of the services from Bank, please feel free to consult with the Wealth Management Client Advisor. The Bank is more than happy to serve with any special needs that client may require.