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Financial results or climate change

Financial results or climate change? What matters more?

We want to know your view on key topics pertaining to the bank's financial, economic, social and environmental performance. Please take a few minutes to complete this short and confidential survey to tell us directly which topics you regard as relevant (or not) for UBS and where we should set our focus.

We focus on making sustainable performance the standard across our firm and part of every client conversation. UBS and Society coordinates all of our activities from sustainable & impact investing, philanthropy, environmental and human rights policies, to our community investment and managing our own environmental footprint.

How we do business

How we do business

Clear principles are necessary and collaboration is essential when tackling present-day challenges.

How we support our clients

How we support our clients

UBS aims to be a leader in sustainable investing for private and institutional clients, as well as a recognized innovator for driving global philanthropy.

How we support our communities

How we support our communities

We provide targeted financial support and employee volunteering in our local communities, focused on education and entrepreneurship.

Our ambition is to be:

  • A leader in sustainable investing for private and institutional clients
  • A recognized innovator and thought leader in philanthropy
  • An industry leader in sustainability
Our aims

How we ensure that we share and advance common values - our governance

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics form the basis of everything we do. The Code fosters an ethical culture where responsible behavior is ingrained. Everyone at UBS is expected to adhere to it. In addition, all UBS and Society topics are governed at the most senior level; by the Board of Director's Corporate Culture and Responsibility Committee and our CEO.

Our governance

UBS and Society Blog

In this blog, we will provide regular updates and features written by some of our leading analysts and experts in the sustainability field.

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