UBS and Society Making sustainability the everyday standard

As a leader in sustainability in the financial industry, we focus on the long-term and work to create value for our stakeholders.

UBS and Society

Guidelines & principles

Clear principles are necessary and collaboration is essential when tackling present-day challenges.

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Environmental & Social Risk
  • Environmental Footprint

Sustainable investments

We provide our clients with innovative products and services that address societal concerns and drive change for the better.

  • Sustainable investing
  • Mainstreaming Sustainable Performance


We provide tailor-made advice in all stages of the philanthropy lifecycle and our global network supports clients in achieving their philanthropic goals.

  • Philanthropy Services
  • Optimus Foundation

Community Investment

We provide targeted financial support and employee volunteering in our local communities, focused on education and entrepreneurship.

  • Community Affairs

Our aims

  • Making sustainability the everyday standard across the firm;
  • Making sustainable performance part of every client conversation;
  • Supporting clients in channeling a growing portion of their assets toward addressing societal challenges, including innovative financial mechanisms;
  • Training employees on sustainability;
  • Creating a credible sustainability approach;
  • Measuring the impact of our community investment activities;
  • Supporting the transition to a low carbon economy through our comprehensive climate change strategy
Our aims

How we ensure that we share and advance common values - our governance

We have firmly embedded at the highest level responsibility for setting our firm’s values and standards. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics form the basis of everything we do. The Code fosters an ethical culture where responsible behavior is ingrained. Everyone at UBS is expected to adhere to it.

Our governance