UBS Culture Foundation

The UBS Culture Foundation sees and understands itself as a constituent part of society with the task of reflecting on continuity and change in politics, economics, science and the media from the perspective of cultural and artistic creativity and productivity. We promote the advancement of cultural activities and artistic creativity, communication and exchange between artists and society, and the diversity of cultural expression. In particular, we support the generation, dissemination and mediation of contemporary forms of art and culture.

The UBS Culture Foundation supports artists of Swiss nationality, foreign artists with permanent residence in Switzerland, cultural projects by professionals that focus on Switzerland as well as the acquisition of significant works and objects by art or cultural-historical museums in Switzerland. We offer grants in the following fields:

Visual Arts

Grants to artists of national or international standing as well as acquisitions of significant works by art museums

Heritage Conservation & Archaeology

Grants for the restoration of protected buildings that are open to the public as well as archaeological projects in Switzerland


Grants for the production of professional cinema documentaries


Grants to authors and translators as well as projects focused on mediating literature


Grants to composers as well as for first performances in the field of contemporary classical music

Humanities & Cultural Sciences

Grants for studies with a historical, philosophical or trans-disciplinary profile as well as for the acquisition of significant objects by cultural-historical museums