Overweight eurozone and Japanese equities; underweight emerging markets

Market volatility is up, and global equities are down 13% from their peak in June. But it doesn’t mean we’re on the verge of a recession—or that central banks have lost their ability to shore up the global economy. According to the latest UBS House View (PDF, 1 MB), recent disappointing data likely reflect a mid-cycle slowdown, with an upside on the horizon.

What can you expect?
The Chief Investment Office Wealth Management Research (CIO WMR) believes improving numbers in the U.S. and a gradual recovery in China should help restore investor confidence in global growth and push developed market equities higher.

What should you do?
CIO WMR recommends investors remain well-diversified and take a pro-risk stance, despite potential market volatility before the next Fed meeting, preferring:

  • Eurozone equities
  • Japanese equities
  • U.S. small-cap equities
  • U.S. investment-grade corporate bonds

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