Our outlook Overweight U.S. equities and Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) vs. standard government bonds

What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cut through the rhetoric and directly addressed our most pressing economic issues? In the latest UBS House View (PDF, 3 MB), CIO Wealth Management Research (CIO WMR) imagines what a debate focused on the issues would look like on some very key questions:

  1. Despite significant economic advancements since the financial crisis, how can the U.S. create growth that ordinary working Americans also feel?
  2. How can the U.S. ”level the playing field” to ensure the gains of globalization and the fourth industrial revolution also benefit the labor that forms the majority of America?
  3. What’s the right balance the Fed should strike when making decisions on rates, inflation and growth?

CIO WMR also offers its asset allocation guidance for a world in which polarized policy and divisive politics are expected to remain the norm, including overweight recommendations for:

  • U.S. equities vs. government bonds
  • U.S. Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities vs. government bonds
  • Emerging market equities vs. Swiss stocks
  • Emerging market currencies vs. a group of developed market currencies

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