Superior solutions for your wealth

At UBS, we put our clients' needs and wishes first. In other words: we direct our entire global resources to helping you turn your vision into reality.

Protecting and managing wealth is at the heart of what we do

The financial environment today is less predictable and more complex than ever before. Recent times have shown how volatile markets can be, and how none of us can avoid the challenges this creates.

Every day we see how our clients’ needs and preferences vary over time, throughout all life’s stages, and across the globe. And every day we put together the advice and solutions you need to deal successfully with this.

True success comes with hard work and dedication

Your Benefits

Our clients have relied on UBS for over 150 years, through good times and bad. There are many reasons for this, because every client is different.

Many find that our Swiss traditions and values offer the accountability and reliability they expect from a bank. Others appreciate our global reach, while our local presence and competence is often what is most highly valued. The expertise of our advisors - their flexibility and ability to bring together a world of relevant, timely and transparent information, are also mentioned frequently.

We’re committed to philanthropy and social responsibility, as well as to innovation and thought-leadership in all that we do. And we know that our clients value this.

We believe you will see qualities in us that set us apart from our peers. But what is it that ultimately sums up our offering to you? Our superior and world-renowned wealth management expertise, coupled with outstanding investment management capabilities.

We deliver what you need to protect and grow your wealth.