CIO thoughts

Mark Haefele, Global Chief Investment Officer of UBS Wealth Management. He and his team pull together the research and analysis from our global networks, identify investment signals above the noise of the financial markets, and make sure that these are acted on.

CIO thoughts Learn our UBS Wealth Management House View

UBS House View Monthly

Every month, Mark Haefele publishes his informative UBS House View Monthly, which gathers and refines the knowledge accumulated by our experts about the mid-term outlook. It explains our House View on investments, and may help you to stay ahead of the markets, understand which investments are viable now, and take a view on what is likely to happen in the future.

Our UBS Wealth Management House View

The monthly online CIO video gives you a brief summary outline of the UBS Wealth Management House View. Featuring senior CIO representatives, we offer you an overview of the macro-economic environment and our views on equities, fixed income and currencies.