Planning your wealth

Wealth Planning

We help families who have built successful businesses and attained significant wealth to secure their legacy with a well thought out plan that protects, grows and transfers wealth.

Starting from a deep understanding of who and what matters to you most, we help you achieve your goals beyond investing specifically in the areas of wealth structuring, efficient after-tax wealth accumulation and long-term planning for succession. During your life and for generations to come.

We will work closely with you to design and implement a tailored plan, including on asset ownership structuring using for example trusts or funds, to meet your family wealth and business goals. The plan may also focus on achieving a smooth, confidential and tax efficient wealth transfer and will consider your family- and business needs, diversity of your assets, the international aspects thereof as well as the evolving tax and legal environment. Life insurance referral services can help meet your liquidity needs.

Why should you start wealth planning?

Ensure smooth and efficient wealth transfer to your intended loved ones

Create sufficient liquidity for to meet potential liabilities relating to estates

Avoid surprises and potential disputes for your family

How to get started with wealth planning?

Thinking ahead prepares you for life's surprises. Here are six questions to help you get started:

What's the current and future personal and financial situations, and capabilities of my family and loved ones?


Who should benefit from my estate? When and for how long?


What type of assets is my wealth comprised of?

Are there any foreseeable liquidity needs?


Where are my assets situated? What is the tax residency of my intended beneficiaries?


What are the various taxes and legal obligations affecting gifts, inheritance, and wealth?

Our Service

Our service includes:

  • Strategic wealth planning: Growing, protecting and transferring your wealth.
  • Liquidity solutions: Meeting your financial needs with life insurance solutions.
  • Succession planning: Advising you on drawing up succession plans.
  • Wealth planning products: Including insurance referral services and trusts.

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