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Research and insights

To help you understand the markets better and take more informed decisions, we make sure that all our research is directly available to you*. All insights and opinions are produced by the UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO), which is headed by Mark Haefele, the Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer. The CIO has a global investment process that has produced strong and consistent investment results for clients during a volatile, post-crisis period. The process consolidates the expertise of more than 900 in-house analysts and external experts, and forms the foundation of the UBS House View - globally recognized for its comprehensive and effective investment insights.

We publish a number of informative audio and videocasts that will help you stay informed about market movements. These insights taken from our latest research provide an easy way to stay in touch with the continuously changing economic landscape. 

Every month, Mark Haefele publishes his informative CIO Monthly Letter, which gathers and refines the knowledge accumulated by our experts about the mid-term outlook. It explains our House View on investments, and may help you to stay ahead of the markets, understand which investments are viable now, and take a view on what is likely to happen in the future. 

The monthly online CIO video gives you a brief summary outline of the UBS Wealth Management House View. Featuring senior CIO representatives, we offer you an overview of the macro-economic environment and our views on equities, fixed income and currencies. 

Produced annually, the CIO Year Ahead frames the coming year in the context of a longer-term investment strategy. It will help you understand what to expect from the global economy and financial markets. 

Every three years, UBS CIO WM Research publishes an extensive study on prices and earnings, which is updated in the years between editions. Since 1970, the UBS publication has compared purchasing power in various cities around the globe, and contains interesting analyses and evaluations of changes in exchange rates and inflation. The latest edition of Prices and Earnings covers 72 cities in 58 countries. 

UBS research focus offers analyses of key economic, demographic and geopolitical trends that are likely to have a significant impact on the performance of financial markets over an extended period of time. 

The value of an investment and the income derived from it can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested. We recommend that you take independent financial and/or legal advice as to the implications of investing, including tax matters. UBS does not provide tax advice. Full Terms and Conditions are available to you upon request. In Jersey UBS AG, Jersey Branch is authorized and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

*Provision of research may be subject to country specific restrictions and may therefore not be provided to residents of certain jurisdictions.