Saving sight with smartphones

Andrew Bastawrous, Peek Vision co-founder and CEO

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Eyesight is the world’s most neglected disability. A third of the world’s population needs better access to eye care.

  • Peek Vision use technology to test sight, gather data and improve access to eye health services. Vision testing app Peek Acuity and Peek Retina - a smartphone adapter enabling retina examinations – are being used in more than 150 countries.
  • Nearly 30 million blind people worldwide could keep their sight with simple surgery or treatment. 90% of visually-impaired people live in low or middle-income countries.
  • Peek Vision have restored the sight of 2,000 adults who were blind from cataracts in Botswana. Now they are screening all the hundreds of thousands of school children there and across Kenya – so far almost a thousand received glasses or treatment.
  • Andrew himself grew up with severe visual impairment causing him to feel awkward and fail at school – but a pair of glasses transformed his life at age 12. Seeing his parents' homeland Egypt, he realised how different life might have been and was inspired to become an eye surgeon and later to set up Peek Vision.
  • Peek Vision have won several accolades including a Digital Top 50 Award from Google, McKinsey and Rocket; a Global South e-Health Observatory award; and two European Product Design platinum awards. In 2016, Andrew received a Rolex Award for Enterprise.

Peek Vision works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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