Capturing human rights abuse

Sam Gregory, WITNESS Program Director

I have seen many times the power of video in the hands of courageous people who fight for the truth.

  • WITNESS makes it possible for people to use video and technology to protect human rights.
  • It was founded by musician and activist Peter Gabriel in 1992 after bystander footage of Rodney King Jr's beating by Los Angeles police caused a public outcry.
  • WITNESS has trained 7,100 people in filming and production techniques, and believes it has reached 260 million more with its materials and videos.
  • Their tools have supported the first prosecution at the International Criminal Court and of abusive police officers in Brazil.
  • Sam is an award-winning human rights advocate and technologist, who has developed innovative tools and successfully pushed YouTube to allow blurring of faces.

WITNESS works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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