Cheaper, cleaner power for African enterprises

Matthew Tilleard, Managing Partner at CrossBoundary Energy

My life has been driven by the question of how we can end extreme poverty while creating a sustainable world.

  • CrossBoundary Energy provides solar power to African companies through long term power purchase agreements, reducing their power bills by up to 40% and cutting carbon emissions.
  • In Africa, 70% of electricity demand is from business - growth is held back by lack of access or reliable supply.
  • While solar power is cheaper than ever, companies do not want the upfront cost of installation nor the maintenance involved – instead they can sign a contract with CrossBoundary.
  • Cheaper power enables economic growth, while cleaner energy reduces the environmental impact of development.
  • They now have over 6.5MW of projects in operation or construction including a 33,000 m2 rooftop carport at a Kenyan mall, which can power more than 550 homes in Nairobi and will offset about 18,750 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime.

CrossBoundary Energy works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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