Unlocking empty property for low-cost rentals

Lukas Amacher, Partner at Projekt Interim

Using vacant space temporarily at low cost is a win-win situation for owners and tenants.

  • Projekt Interim uses temporarily vacant property to offer residential or commercial space at low prices.
  • They say that short term lets are not considered profitable by the conventional real estate business, but their scale, efficiency and legal framework make it profitable for them, while reducing costs for owners and users.
  • According to co-founder Lukas, more than six million square meters of property space is unused in Switzerland – and that incurs costs and leaves it vulnerable to decay, misuse and vandalism.
  • Projekt Interim users benefit from significantly lower costs, access to a broad network of likeminded people and unique buildings, including old hotels, former banks, historic villas, pop up and office spaces.
  • So far, more than 120 properties have been temporarily used, offering low-cost, short-term space to more than 2,000 tenants.

Projekt Interim works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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