Online doctors for rural India

Jagdeep Gambhir, Co-founder and CEO of Karma Healthcare

There are 800 million people in India lacking primary healthcare… we could solve a large healthcare problem in this country.

  • Karma Healthcare is a social enterprise working to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare in rural India.
  • They offer nurse-assisted online medical consultations with qualified doctors, diagnostic services and referral guidance.
  • Karma Healthcare estimates that about 45% of Indians need to travel more than 100km to see a qualified doctor. This means they often seek healthcare from inappropriate sources, leading to delayed or incorrect diagnosis and, thereby increasing disease complexity and financial burden.
  • Since 2014, Karma Healthcare has set up 16 clinics and completed more than 50 thousand online consultations in two states; their goal is to establish a pan-India network of centres.
  • Co-founder Jagdeep previously worked with the Population Foundation of India; Innovators in Health, where he launched a tuberculosis treatment; and Goldman Sachs as a technology analyst.

Karma Healthcare works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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