Integration through education

Hila Azadzoy, Co-Founder and Head of Academics, Kiron Open Higher Education

At Kiron, it is our mission to overcome barriers and to empower refugees to live a self-determined life.

  • Kiron Open Higher Education is a non-profit organization aiming to integrate refugees through higher education in their host countries.
  • Refugees face obstacles to access higher education, identified by the UNHCR as: the need for legal documentation; high fees; the lack of institutional capacity; and language barriers.
  • These challenges prevent around five million people from living up to their potential.
  • Kiron students study online for two years, then transfer to a partner university, using places from dropouts, to graduate with an accredited degree.
  • Founding member Hila was driven by her father’s personal experience: he migrated to Germany in the 1970s and faced similar challenges in accessing higher education as refugees now.

Kiron works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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